Physical and Chemical property's

And physical and chemical changes

Physical change

A physical change is a change in a object or substance that only changes the shape or form of the object or substance.

Examples are water freezing, nail bending, and ball deflating

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Chemical changes

A chemical change is what a substance turns in to another substance.

Examples are wood burning, metal rusting, and vinegar and baking soda mixing. Also the five indicators that a chemical Change has happened are if the color changed the if substance gives off a odor if the temp changes is gas is released and if a new substance is formed

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Chemical properties

A property or characteristic of a substance that is observed during a reaction in which the chemical composition or identity of the substance is changed

Examples : color, hardness, and boiling point

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Physical properties

A property of matter not involving in its manifestation a chemical change

Example : color, hardness, boiling point

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