Tech It Out! #26

Google Extras

April 27, 2015

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New Tech Tool - WONDER Search Engine

Wonder is a new search tool that goes one step further than "Just Google it!" Wonder has a network of librarians and researchers to help students find high-quality sources. The results of a Wonder search are contributed by these experts, which filters out poor-quality sources. Users do have to create a FREE account, and as always students should use their Google emails and passwords.

Check it out for yourself!

This Week's Focus: Google Extras

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Google really does have the answer for just about everything. Aside from its search engine, Google Drive, and Gmail, there are some other awesome Google tools available for free! Keep reading to learn about some of them, or click here to see the full list.

Google Cultural Institute

Take a virtual field trip and discover exhibits & collections from museums and archives around the world. There are 3 components to the Cultural Institute: Art Project, featuring artwork collections from around the world; Historic Moments, with exhibitions of significant moments in history, and World Wonders, which brings to life the wonders of the ancient and modern world.

My Maps

Students can create & share maps that save to their Google Drive. They can plot points, add images, and more. Have them plot the travels of an explorer or a book character - the possibilities are endless! Click HERE to see an example, or try creating your own now!

Build with Chrome

Chrome & Lego team up - students can build replicas of buildings or landmarks, or they can create 3-D models to represent a concept learned in class. Click HERE to see for yourself!


Compete with yourself or with others to "name that place" by guessing the location of a street view image on a Google Map. It's a great way to spark conversation about environmental differences in regions. Try your hand at a Geoguessr challenge to see what it's all about!
There is more to explore when it comes to Google, so take a look at the Google Extras on my Resources page and as always, let me know if there's something you'd like help with or more information on.