Cougar Call

Volume 1, Issue 3 September 26, 2014

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Cheyenne Galloway


Cheyenne Galloway was elected Miss Cougar by the Varsity Football team.


It’s time for Homecoming! It is officially defined as the annual event held to celebrate returning alumni. This fun- filled activity will be held tonight during halftime of the Varsity football game against Windsor Academy. Festivities begin with the Homecoming Court parading around the field in convertibles before the game, but the highlight of Homecoming occurs at halftime when the queen is announced. This is not an event to miss!

The Homecoming Court consists of Anna Knox and Caitlyn Young representing the freshmen class; Alicia Peek and Matti Smith representing the junior class; Ashley Johnson and Grace Roberts representing the sophomore class; and Parker Kelly, Marissa Mooneyham, and JaDe Padgett representing the senior class. Cheyenne Galloway was elected the honor of being Miss Cougar by the PAC football team. When asked, the senior members of the Court explained how elated they feel to have been voted to the Court. Each stated she was shocked when so many of her peers elected her to represent the senior class, and each was honored when her name was called.

This entire Spirit Week has consisted of a theme for each day. On Monday, Piedmont students had the privilege of wearing college apparel; Tuesday was camouflage day; costumes depicting favorite characters were worn on Wednesday; Thursday was filled with nerd vs. jock; and, last but not least, extreme spirit wear was the fashion on Friday.

Student Council members planned this week and events. Our newly elected Council includes the following: president, Hank Strickland; vice president, Matti Smith; secretary, Talon Anglin; and treasurer, Brice Dodson. The representatives are Cheyenne Galloway and Morgan Tillman for 12th grade; Summer Collins and Haley Tyler for 11th grade; Chris McClain and Makennah Holifield for 10th grade; and Grayson Bradley and Alina Jablonski for 9th grade.

By: Sarah Holland

Homecoming Photo Album

Piedmont Cougar Sports

CROSS COUNTRY: On 9/9/14 the Cougars raced in a cross country meet hosted by Trinity. For the middle school boys Browning Benton finished in 13th place out of 69 runners with a time of 15:00.00 - very impressive time for his first 2 mile race. Garrett King finished in 46th place with a time of 18:17.00. For the middle school girls' division Mari Jablonski medaled in 2nd place out of 53 runners with a time of 13:49.00. Gracie Black finished in 32nd place with a time of 19:16.00, while Mallory Boyd finished in 37th place with a time of 20:03.00. For the high school girls' division Alina Jablonski medaled in 10th place with a time of 26:05.00, and in the high school boys' division Brice Dodson finished in 52nd place out of 83 runners with a time of 26:58.

On 9/13/14 the Piedmont Cougars' Cross Country team competed at Johnson Farms in Hawkinsville, GA. Mari Jablonski finished in 1st place out of 59 runners with a time of 12:10.00 in the middle school girls' division with Gracie Black in 26th place with a time of 15:35.00. Mallory Boyd came in 29th place with a time of 15:55.00. In the boys' middle school area, Garret King came in at 46th place out of 58 runners with a time of 16:28. In high school results, Alina Jablonski placed in 8th place out of 29 runners with a time of 26:10 and Brice Dodson finished with a time of 27:23.00 44th out of 67 runners.

FOOTBALL: The Piedmont Academy Cougars' football team played Monsignor Donovan on 9/12/14. The Cougars were only able to play for about one and a half quarters because of lightning in the area. By the time the game was called, the score was 14-14. Hunter Knox and Jeremiah Dave both scored touchdowns in this short time period. Knox finished with 8 carries, 98 yards, and 1 TD. Dave finished with 2 carries, 3 yards, 1 TD. Dave led the defense with 4 tackles.

On 9-19-14 the Piedmont Academy Cougars' Varsity Football team played against John Milledge. Sadly, the Cougars lost 57-42. The leading scorers for the Cougars were Michael Edwards and Jeremiah Dave. Edwards ended the game with 39 reception yards and 2 touchdowns. Dave ended the game with 62 rushing yards, 16 reception yards and 2 touchdowns. Hunter Knox and Hank Strickland both had one touchdown a piece. Jeremiah Dave and Chris Cain were the defensive stars for the Cougars with Dave having 13 tackles and Cain having 10. Chase Young is now 23 for 23 in extra points.

SOFTBALL: On 9-23-14 the Piedmont Cougar Varsity Softball team played Flint River. The Cougars won the game with a final score of 8-7. The Lady Cougars play Oak Mountain Monday September 29 in a double-header. If the Lady Cougars win, they play Flint River in a neutral location.

BY: Joseph Anderson

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Classroom Notes

Students in Ms. Elizabeth Davis’s English class recently watched a documentary, Food, Inc, an educational film about food production and organic farming. The students had to gather information from the viewing and prepare a paper to evaluate our food industries as wellas analyze their own eating habits. The class also participated in a taste test comparing the look, smell, taste and texture of grocery eggs v/s farm fresh eggs. Hagan Hinson, a seventh grade student in the class, brought in the fresh eggs and showed the class examples of calcium deposits on the store eggs. The final verdict was that the taste of the farm eggs was creamier, but the look of the store bought eggs was more visually appealing.

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Cupid's Corner

Dear Cupid,

How do you flirt with a girl?

-Lady Gaga?

Dear Lady Gaga?,

Sometimes it depends on the girl, you always have to smile, and be sweet. Don’t be too sweet though! It’s always good to show her that you are interested. Go out of your way to make her feel good. If you text her come out with a “hey beautiful” or something like that. Always be yourself. No girl wants someone who is nice to her when he is with her, but when he is around his friends turns into a jerk! With that being said ,the main things you need to do is be yourself, be sweet and let her know you are interested in her!

Good Luck,



Dear Cupid,

What do you do at a co-ed party?

With love,


Dear ~~~~~,

Well, first it kind of depends on what type of party you are going to. Most of the time, it’s a place to socialize and get to know people who you don’t really get the chance to talk to normally. You can always meet new friends and just hang around with people outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes people play games, watch movies, and a co-ed party is definitely a time to eat good food! Pretty much just go and have fun!

Best of luck,


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Paws At a Glance

Paws at a Glance

  • 9/27

    • Middle School Cross Country John Milledge tournament- away

    • Shooting Team target meet @ Tom Lowe Shooting Ground

  • 9/29

    • PAC Varsity Softball VS. Oak Mountain- home-@ 4:00

    • PAC VS. Varsity Softball Oak Mountain- home-@5:30

  • 9/30

    • PAC JV Football VS. John Milledge- home- @6:00

  • 10/1

    • PAC Varsity Softball VS. Gatewood- home- @6:30


  • 10/2

    • PAC Middle School Football VS. Bethlehem Christian- home- @6:00

    • PAC Varsity Softball VS. John Milledge- away- @4:00

    • Elementary Cheer pictures- @5:00

  • 10/3

    • PAC Varsity Football VS. Brentwood- away- @7:30

    • Shot Gun Team selling Chicken biscuits

  • 10/6

    • PAC Varsity Softball 1st round of state

  • 10/7

    • PAC JV Football VS. Trinity- away- @6:00

    • FFA Day @ Perry Fair

    • PTO meeting-@3:30

  • 10/8

    • Middle School Cross Country end of season meet- Trinity- @4:00

  • 10/9

    • End of 1st Quarter

    • PAC Varsity Softball 2nd round of state

  • 10/10

    • PAC Varsity Football VS. GA Christian- away- @7:30


  • 10/11

    • Varsity Softball Final Four

  • 10/13


  • 10/14

    • Cross Country @ Brentwood- @4:00

  • 10/15

    • PSAT (10TH &11TH)- @8:15

    • Shotgun competition with Gatewood

By: Haley Tyler