Burger Wuss

By: M. T. Anderson

Why Read Burger Wuss???

You would read Burger Wuss by M.T. Anderson because it is a romantic novel about two teenagers who were in love and broken up by a big bully. Anthony is very heated with the Turner for stealing his girlfriend. To solve this conflict, Anthony tries to work at the same place Turner does and get revenge. Anthony through out the book creates a plan to get revenge on Turner and make his cry.
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Plot Line

Exposition- Anthony is a boy in high school living in a small town on the East Coast who was just dumped by his girlfriend, Diana, because he caught her cheating with a boy named Turner at a party

Rising Action- This is where Anthony is bullied and sabotaged by Turner at O'Dermott's and in the graveyard. Now Anthony begins to devise "the Plan" to get revenge on Turner.

Climax- Anthony steals the promotional condiment troll from Burger Queen and cuts a finger off and sends it to Burger Queen hoping to frame Turner and get him in trouble.

Burger Wuss by M.T. Anderson