Principals' Network Meeting

November 13, 2013

Hollywood Primary Center

Principal Dona Lawrie

1115 Tamarind Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Time: 8-9:00 Year 1 Principals, 9-4:00 All Principals

Breakfast/Lunch: Provided

Bring: Your Laptop/iPad

Parking: On the Playground

Topics/Activities: Analyzing Student Work, Webb's Depth of Knowledge, TGDC, Time to Collaborate

Before the meeting......

Please come prepared to share one thing that you have done or are doing at your school that is Common Core related. It does not have to be anything too fancy or shiny. You will be sharing in small groups in order to hear ideas that you may want to use at your school sites.

Please remember to bring your laptops or iPads.

Looking forward to seeing you!