Bethany Hamilton

by: Katelin Hunt

The taste of salt in your mouth, the feeling when you're riding the waves, the hot sun shining on you. For Bethany Hamilton, this was her average, perfect seeming day in the ocean, but it wasn't always so perfect.

Bethany Hamilton

You probably know her from her brilliant recovery, inspiration to millions, and never ending positive attitude. Bethany Hamilton was born to be in the water. Since day one, surfing was all she did, entering her first competition at age 8.

The shark attack

In October 2003, while surfing off Kauai's north shore, Bethany was attacked by a 14 foot tiger shark. The attack left her to a severely injured arm, and 60% of her blood was lost. She made it through several surgeries, maintaining an unbelievably good attitude, determined to make it back to the water

Pictures of Bethany Hamilton

Road to recovery

Bethany was not letting the loss of her arm get in the way of her dream to become a professional surfer. Her perseverance led her to the water just one month after the attack and surfing competitions just 1 year and 1/2.
After recovering so fast, Bethany still had the same dream-to become a professional surfer, which is exactly where her positive attitude led her. When she finished recovering from the attack, she made it her job to inspire people and show them you can be successful, even with one arm, which she proves on The amazing race. Also, she believes her christianity was what got her through recovering and the reason why she gets to inspire so many people today.