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April 1, 2016

Greetings from First Grade!

Are you as tired as we are? MARCHing through 31 days has been a great accomplishment in grade one. This was a joke we used in Friday's morning message. Yes, I really do include cheesy jokes in our morning messages...but we love them. It's always a plus starting the day off with a smile.

Read Alouds

Thank you all so very much for making our March family read alouds such a huge success! There is nothing more delightful than seeing our students read so confidently and fluently to their peers. It is wonderful to witness the level of respect and appreciation for each matter if it's our personal favorite book or not. I truly believe this expereince has benefitted us all in a countless number of ways. I hope students will embrace and cherish the compliments as they journey on in their reading adventures. I appreciate you taking the time to come into our classroom and take part in this accomplishment.


We are working in Unit 12 in FUNDATIONS.

We are continuing our exploration of the vowel-consonant-e syllable words. Each week we are adding to our sight word repertoire. It would be of great help to your student, to continue to review the sight words until mastery. It is expected that all sight words that have been introduced thus far will be used and spelled correctly daily. (Deep breaths...we do have our student dictionaries and word wall available at all times! It's just a matter of tuning in and using them).


We are currently working on/reviewing addition and subtraction facts up to 20. Students have been challenged to fact challenges. Our goal: solve the 30 equations faster than we did the last time we took the challenge. Students have shown great growth and are very eager to "beat" their last time. We have discussed at length that it is important to measure our own personal growth and they absolutely get it!

We are also working on multi-step word problems. Students are exploring the benefits of using diagrams and circling pertinent information throughout the process.

Our next focus will be on telling time to the half hour...

We are continuing to practice our skills of collecting and representing data with our latest class project....

Quiet Symbol

Our class has accepted the magnificent task of establishing a universal symbol of quiet for all Meadowbrook Magicians. Yes, you read that correctly. Your first grader has assumed an enormous responsiblity. Now while that may seem like an easy task to me it is not. I simply mentioned to Mr. Marcaccio that I thought since we were all following the same guidelines of being responsible, respectful and ready Magicians...we should have a common code for reinforcing just this... AND the challenge was born! In Room 17 we say bring it on!

We have been able to incorporate our data collection skills (math)along with our opinion writing (Calkins' writing) to make this an amazing project that our class will present at the next PBIS school-wide assembly. We have written opinion pieces to share and created Kahoot surveys to take, which will ultimately determine what will be our silent symbol at Meadowbrook. All classes will vote on the best symbol for asking for quiet behavior from our school community during next week's tech time. The choices (if you have not already heard) are: Listening L / Quiet Coyote / Give Me Three / and Zero Voices....

Stay tuned...

Guided Reading Groups

During our guided reading groups, students have numerous opportunities to participate in various reading and writing activities independently while another group is receiving guided instruction. Our latest activity introduction was trick word Jenga. Students are already familiar with a word family version of Candyland, vocabulary UNO and Word Freeze. It is amazing how easily learning activities can be transformed and integrated into childhood favorite games. Check out these smiles below.
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Reading Week

Reading Week will be celebrated April 11-15. Please check out the Principal's Post to read all about the week's activities. If you are interested in reading a favorite book of yours to our class during this week, you are more than welcome! Please let me know what your availability is and we can work together to figure something out.

March Reading calendars are now due. my apologies for not reminding you last week. students are welcome to bring them in for pizza credit this week too.