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PGP is only supported as a side line and is available for Siemens only on demand. If your organization kill its own trust center or your company is Using a public trust center til certificates. A few known public trust centers then stole in the Siemens IT infrastructure are: x x TC Trust Center x Prerequisites for Software: to encrypt with X. certificates your radio tamil news e-mail program kill two support this standard. Also, two evaluate the key usage field in the certificate.

Outlook (since version ) contains an encryption functionality compatible til Siemens PKI and can be overused without Any installation. User guide line steps have two be taken before tamil fm list business partner and a Siemens employee can exchange encrypted and signed emails on the example of Outlook. Therefore, it is den business partner installed his certificates in his e-mail program. E-mail encryption with business partners Date Author CIT G ISEC © Siemens AG Page of Corporate Information Technology. Possibilities for certificate exchange Depending on the number of communication partners, different for certificate exchange are useful. These alternatives can be applied: “Basically the usage of the Siemens external repository is recommended. This is a directory service for PKI keys in the Internet. It Enables secure communication with every Siemens employee. This repository contains the latest certificates of Siemens. After setting up of the repository, no separate key exchange is needed anymore. But it must be possible two send LDAP request over the Internet. Otherwise, this option is not possible.

Please contact your network fm tamil online administrator in case of problems with LDAP requests. “If the usage of the Siemens external repository is not possible or the business partner does not have a repository on the Internet, certificates must exchanged manually. Guideline for business partner: Outlook Native encryption”. Transfer of own certificates' til Siemens partner This paragraph how a business partner can transfer his own certificates to a Siemens employee. Check out if the Siemens employee is sent you an encrypted e-mail. If this is possible, no other actions have two a direct access til directory service of your organization is possible. If this is not the case, please send a signed e-mail to your Siemens partner. Please check settings can access your certificates from your e-mail: x Open Outlook and the menu Tools Æ Options, in the loss security click radio tamil news below “encrypted emails” on Settings... (Since Outlook : Tools Æ Trust Center in the Section “E-mail Security”) Activate in window “Change Security Settings” (Since Outlook : on “Settings...”) .

Option send certificates with signed messages” x Close all windows with OK x send a signed fm tamil online e-mail to your Siemens partner. An e-mail all your certificates for a secure communication are added.. Transfer of Siemens certificates to a business partner.. Usage of the Siemens external repository or directory service of Siemens or the European Bridge-CA... Siemens Root Signing certificates are certificates man use two sign other fm tamil online certificates' are linked up to a trusted root certificate. Siemens kill its own Certification Authority the certificates of a Siemens employee are valid to the business partner...