2014 Spring Tech Challenge

Sharing is Caring

Join the Spring Technology Challenge! Be part of a winning team: Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD

Join the technology fun and learning this Spring by participating in the "Sharing is Caring" Challenge! The home for the challenge is Edmodo, an online classroom platform. Each week I will be posting activities that you can complete. When you complete the activity and post results, you will earn points. And you know what happens with points? They get tallied! And with the tallied points, you earn prizes! And when you earn prizes, you can be part of a winning team! It will be fun competition between grade levels!
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The Details:

We are starting the challenge on Thursday, April 3rd, and it will all be online. I'm going to give you the opportunity to use tools like your Google Drive and all the fun stuff in there (of course), and others like....Smore, Popcorn Maker, Educreations, and Voicethread. The key will be creating something that you can use in class, and sharing it with other teachers. This means we may even make some blogs using Blogger!

But what about the POINTS?

Good question, here's the answer...

You will have until May 15th to earn 50 points. When I create activities, each will have a "points possible" so that you know how many you earn for each activity. Some activities may have a due date, so you will want to complete those to make sure you can earn those points! You will earn a treat for 10, 20, 30, 40, and something amazing for those who earn 50 points.

Go You!

If you earn 50 points, your name will be put in a drawing at your school for an App Store credit. (iTunes gift card or Google Play gift card)

Go Team!

If your grade level team has the most people on it that have earned 50 points, in your school, then every person on the team earns a winner's t-shirt! (Every person on the team needs to have at least 25 points to be eligible to win.)
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Go District!

The team with the most people earning 50 points in the entire district wins a free lunch out!

Here's a little dittie to send you on your way...Happy Teching!

Nashville Cast - Share With You (feat. Lennon and Maisy)