corn products

by Eric Nelson

Corn is AmaZing

Corn is amazing because it is used in lots and lots of stuff, stuff stuff stuff its a fun word. Moving on it is used in medicine and candy believe it or not its also in ice cream.

A to Z Some crazy things are made from corn!

Kaddo's Wall

Kaddo could have used some of his corn as feed. When the crops failed he was left with "a mangy donkey." (p21)They described the donkey this way, because he was not getting enough feed.

Corn in the US and Corn in Indiana

The amount of corn produced in the US is a big old 354346

The amount of corn produced in Indiana is 6 million acres

Corn impacts my life because my mom and my brother both had braces and could not live without popcorn and I was the voice of reason.

If there was a corn shortage then we would not have tooth paste lots of medicine and ice cream :( save the ice cream. We can prevent this by useing geneticaly engineered corn to stop the arch enemy of corn, the European corn borer to prevent a corn shortage.