Border Collies

By Kayla Mauk

What Border Collies Look Like

These amazing dogs are mostly black but they also have a white space on there nose, between the eyes and a little bit on the chest. Border Collies are long haired dogs that shed a lot! They can be 18 to 22 feet and can weigh up to 40 pounds. They are very intelligent and eager to please whenever they can. If you have something that you need herded, most likely sheep, then these dogs would be great for you. They are also known as the smartest dog in the world!

Fun Facts about Border Collies

These intelligent dogs can come in any color, even completely white. Rico, a very smart Border Collie could recognize more than 250 objects just by the name of the objects. Collies can be used for herding, therapy, and search and rescue dogs. They are also sometimes used to chase away birds from airplane runways or golf course greens.
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