Gospel Based Leaders: Together, Talking & Transforming

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Together, Talking, Transforming

Leaders are often disconnected from each other because of moving at such a fast pace or living within a silo in their own professional focus. What happens when leaders take time together to talk about real and pressing issues that our community and culture are encountering? The desire to have leaders from all different spheres of cultural influence come together for this purpose has fueled the establishment of the Convergence platform of video, show, podcast, social media and live events. Effective change begins with relationships built through intentional connection and caring in these kinds of environments. Whether a leader in Arts & Entertainment, Business, Church, Education, Government, Media & Technology or Social Services – it is time to be together, talking, and transforming our communities and culture.
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7 Spheres of Influence

Convergence is built upon the idea that leaders in every sphere of our society are the key to seeing a city flourish. Each has a unique responsibility and vantage point to make changes that cause a city to thrive or to suffer. Presidents, pastors, principals, chief financial officers, council members, small business owners, artists, news directors, media developers, health care advocates, and effect and impact exponential numbers of lives and households. Convergence is creating the space online and in person for leaders who are led by Jesus in how they lead to find each other, hear from each other and begin to come together to shape and create culture for Kingdom and common good. This video conversation touches on some of this vision:
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To make all of this happen well, we need the support of individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations who understand and support the vision and power of connecting leaders around culture shaping ideas and innovation for the purpose of change.

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