August 8, 2022

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I would like to extend another WELCOME to all of our new families joining the Exton School Community. Whether you are coming from another surrounding district, new to the area or another school within the West Chester Area School District, it is my hope that you will come to feel a part of our school community. Please feel free to reach out to your child's teacher, office staff and of course me with any questions you might have. We are here to assist and support you.


In just a couple of weeks, the new school year will be in full swing! It is exciting to be starting the year without masks or social distancing. Please be aware that masks are still optional for parents choosing to have their child/ren in a mask.

We look forward to working alongside all of our families to ensure that each child's academic, social, and emotional needs are met. The District Priorities, which become the priorities of our schools this year are INNOVATIVE TEACHING AND LEARNING, EQUITABLE PRACTICES & LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS. We will, as always, strive for every Exton student to be provided with an education that enables them to reach their full potential.


(Dr. Sokolowski's theme for the year)

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  • Mrs. Karen Celfo - Reading Specialist
  • Ms. Jessica McCullough - Fifth grade LTS (shared in June)
  • Ms. Mikayla Scully - Autistic Support (shared in June)
  • Ms. Jane Bryer - First grade (was LTS in K last year)
  • Mrs. Lisa McMahon - will be returning to second grade
  • Mrs. Jessica McKeever - returning from Sabbatical (shared in June)

2022-2023 EXTON STAFF

  • Kindergarten – Ms. Baxter, Ms. Figueroa, Ms. Carulli, Mrs. McGetrick
  • First grade – Mrs. Givey, Ms. DeSimone, Ms. Rice, Ms. Bryer
  • Second grade – Mrs. Buckel, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. McMahon, Mrs. McKeever
  • Third grade – Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Milowicki, Mrs. Pizzi
  • Fourth grade – Mr. Dodson, Mrs. Harper, Mrs. Schaller
  • Fifth grade – Mr. Brown, Mrs. Finch, Ms. McCullough
  • Special Education – Mrs. Lambert (LS), Mrs. Kelly (LS), Mrs. Glenn (LS), Ms. Scully (AS), Mrs. Lisowski (AS), Ms. Coady (AS)
  • Gifted - Dr. Koberg
  • Instructional Coach - Mr. Kulesza
  • Reading Specialists - Mrs. Celfo, Mrs. Meredith
  • ELD - Mrs. Pacheco, Mrs. Gaudiello
  • Art – Mrs. Teodecki.........PE -Ms. Ardire....APE - Mrs. Seaman
  • Music – Mr. Klingler ..........Orchestra - Mr. Binkley.......Band - Mr. Fuette
  • Library - Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Cesarski - Library Assistant
  • Guidance - Dr. Starling........Psychologist - Dr. Callahan......Nurse - Mrs. Ruppert
  • Speech -Mrs. Burton......OT - Mrs. Adolf......PT - Mrs. Dinan
  • Office Staff - Mrs. Spranger, Mrs. Nagorny
  • Caseworker – Mrs. Nawn
  • Instructional Assistants - Mrs. Hickey, Ms. Hilt
  • Technology Associate - Mrs. Piombino
  • Building Subs - Ms. Speaker


As you are aware, class assignments will be available to parents on the Parent Portal. This summer, was quite a task similar to last year. It was a moving target, due to new enrollments, being assigned to existing homerooms.

With class assignments, teachers make every effort to make sure students are in class with at least one classmate from the previous year. As shared in June, there are numerous factors that are considered when building classes and student/teacher assignments. Teachers try to make sure (as possible) students have at least one friend from the previous year in the same classroom. Keep in mind students do make new friends in their new class community. Teachers will spend a great deal of time building class community & building relationships.

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Wednesday, August 24th
Kindergarten - 6:30-7:00
1st - 7:00-7:30

Tuesday, August 30th
2nd - 6:30-7:00
3rd - 7:00-7:30

Thursday, September 1st
4th - 6:30-7:00
5th - 7:00-7:30

If you have questions or concerns specific to your child, please email the teacher after Open House.


Breakfast and lunch will not be free for students this year. The cost for breakfast is $1.25 and the cost for lunch is $2.75. You can access breakfast and lunch menus here. You should have received a Back-To-School communication from ARAMARK. It contains information about the National School Lunch Program and application for Free or Reduced lunch. Be sure to check your Spam if you do not see it. The information should be on the District website as well. Students not purchasing lunch are able to bring their own lunch from home. A few pointers for lunch from home:

  • Do not pack more than your child will be able to eat (a lot of lunch gets thrown out)
  • Pack items that your child is able to open (we're here to help), it saves time
  • Do not pack glass items
  • Make sure lunch containers/bags & water bottles are labeled with your child's name (many end up in the Lost and Found)
  • Students are allowed to have a snack in class at time designated by the teacher
  • Students are allowed to have a water bottle on their desk
  • Students will need to learn their school ID number for the pin pad
  • Setting up pay account -

Elementary & Middle breakfast menu - Aug/Sept

Elementary lunch menu - Aug/Sept

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Last year, we started using the Pick Up Patrol software program. It replaced the need for parents to phone in absences, early dismissals and/or changes in dismissal. At dismissal time, Pick Up Patrol helps to make sure all children are where they are supposed to be. It gives us a count on how many children to expect on each bus, how many children are walkers and how many children will be picked up by a parent. It's a game changer!

If you do not have the app, you will need to download the it. Once downloaded, you will receive a welcome letter from Mrs. Nagorny with information on how to set up your information. All families will receive an email (approx. two weeks after start of school) from the school telling you the app is ready to be used). Please call the office or email your child's teacher and Mrs. Nagorny and Mrs. Spranger until PUP is ready for use.

All parents are encouraged to use the app. Feedback from last year is that parents LOVE IT!


Visiting the school- All visitors must report to the main office. Please bring your license in to be scanned. The visitor badge MUST be worn while in the building.

ABSENCE EARLY DISMISSAL NOTIFICATION - Please use Pick Up Patrol to report an absence or need for early dismissal. If you do not have Pick Up Patrol (highly encouraged) call the Safe Schools line - 484-266-1410 and leave a message when you know your child will be absent from school, late or an early dismissal. You can call the number anytime, 24 hours. Do not call 484-266-1400 or 1401 to report an absence.

CONTACTING STAFF - All staff email is first initial, last name ( Please be aware that teachers are afforded twenty-four hours to respond to email or phone calls. In most instances, they will respond sooner. Staff is not required to respond before or beyond their work day.


  • Drop off is from 8:15-8:35 on the playground. The doors will close at 8:35. Students will need to be brought to the main office after this time
  • Students are to exit cars on the passenger side
  • For those able to, students should be able to do their own seatbelt or car seats
  • Parents are asked to remain in your cars
  • If the cars in front of you have not dropped off or picked up, it is ok to SAFELY go around and exit the playground
  • Students attending ACP in the morning are dropped off at the cafeteria
  • Walkers and bus students report to the gym. Walkers should not arrive before 8:25
  • Students buying breakfast report directly to the cafeteria


  • Pick up will begin at 3:10 dismissal
  • Please loop around in the cul-de-sac to start the line (do not block driveways)
  • As cars exit the playground, please pull down to the basket at the end of the playground
  • Students will line up at the basket and loaded into cars. They will not load at the recess doors
  • If the cars in front of you have not dropped off or picked up, it is ok to SAFELY go around and exit the playground

Everyone has somewhere to be or get to. In the morning it's to work. In the afternoon, it's back home, to an appointment or maybe some after school activity. Yes, leaving out of here is a hassle. Lots of cars, long lines and buses.

Every year, we receive calls from residents about:

  • Cars blocking driveways during parent pick up
  • Cars cutting and speeding through the side streets, particularly in the afternoon, to avoid the wait in traffic on Bartlett Ave.
  • Being spoken to rudely by parents in pick up line when asked not to block driveways

Please be courteous to the residents, our school neighbors. More importantly, be safe.

Walkers - PM Dismissal

  • Students living across the street, in the neighborhood, are walked across the street at the stop sign on Bartlett and Hendricks Ave.
  • Students living in Exton Crossing are walked to and met at the end of the bus loop

ACTIVITY FEE - Just a reminder, if your student will be participating in Chorus, Band, Orchestra (Honors as well), and After School Sports, and you need to pay the $25 fee. It is a one time fee. Two reminders for non-payment will be sent prior to a student being dropped from the activity.

VACATION REQUESTS - When needing vacation time, email the vacation request form to Dr. Alston ( and cc Kathy Nagorny ( The form can be found on the school website.

CLEARANCES - Clearances are good for five years from the date they were issued. Please make sure your clearances are current as they are required to chaperone field trips and to volunteer.


Here's an article to help your children if they are feeling anxious about school starting. I hope you find it helpful.


8/24 - Kindergarten and First grade Open House (see info above)

8/29 - First day of school

8/30 - Second and Third grade Open House (see info above)

9/1 - Fourth and Fifth grade Open House (see info above)

9/5 - Schools closed

9/12 - PTO Welcome Back Social

9/23 - PTO Walk-A-Thon

9/26 - Teacher in-service

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