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Outstanding October!

Good Afternoon,

We hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Calling all child appropriate magazines- Please send to school any old magazines to your child's teacher. Thank you :)

English Language Arts and Reading

Reading: We will working on Determining the Author's Purpose while we read. We will be discussing how an author can write to Persuade, Inform, or Explain. Students will be reading different types of text and looking for clues to decide if the author is Persuading, Informing, or Entertaining.

HWT: lowercase u, i, and e

Writing: The students are working to publish their Small Moments. We will also be introducing idioms as figures of speech.


Subtraction turn around rule, exploring addition tools, even and odd patterns and shapes, even numbers and even addends, & name collection boxes

Spelling Rule Final Position of /ng/

Final Position /ng/


Review the nasal sounds of m and n

1. M and n are nasal sounds because the sound comes out of the nose

2. Try to say the letter sounds for m and n while holding your nose

3. Since m and n are nasal sounds; they sometimes distort the vowel sounds

4. Especially a and i

The /ng/ sound in the final position

1. When the /ng/ sound is in the final position it is spelled with digraph ng, as in king

· Focus on when this sound is found after o, u, a and i ( _ong, _ung, _ang and _ing)

Review capitalization, punctuation and word spacing for sentence dictation

Words that fit the pattern of the week:

Glued sounds ing: string, spring,* wing, sing, sting, king

Glued sounds ang: clang*, bang, sang, rang, tang*, fang

Glued sounds ong: strong, prong*, long, song,

Glued sounds ung: flung,* stung, hung, rung*, lung

New Sight Words

both, talk, walk, Thursday

Review Sight Words

They, one, said, who, what, when, where, why, shall, pull, full, done, goes, pretty, August, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Practice Ideas:

Be a Mind Reader

o In this game, you and your child brainstorm as many words as you can that fit the concept this week. Choose words that can add to their vocabulary: flung, sang, ping, tang etc.

o Using this list one person chooses a word and then gives five clues to that word. By the fifth clue, the “guesser” should guess the word, but if they read your mind, they might get it before the fifth clue.

§ Example: The first clue: It has a glued sound.

§ The second clue is: It has five letters. Student writes the guess.

§ The third clue is: It begins with a blend. Student writes the guess.

§ The fourth clue is: It means to throw. Student writes the guess.

§ The fifth clue is: It works in the sentence: I _____ my cleats off by the door because I was starving after soccer practice.

Sight word shuffle: Practice the sight words your child has had for the year. We want these words to be easy for your child to spell. Have your child use sidewalk chalk and create a “shuffle board” game on the driveway. Or be creative in another way!


Coding Apps:


Scratch Jr

Fix the Factory challenging)


Coding Websites:



Math- Have your child spend 10 minutes a night working on addition and subtraction math facts. It is the first trimester goal that each child can correctly answer 20 addition facts in two minutes and 20 subtraction facts in two minutes

Reminder - Please have your child return their blue folder each day. We are working on accountability in 2nd grade with your children. We are transitioning into child responsibility not parental. Thank you for your support in this area!

Reading- For practice at home this week, please have your child read 20 minutes each night.

Dates To Remember

Oct 28 - Author share @ 1:30 (more info to come)

Oct 31 - Halloween Parade, Hot dog Lunch- no lunch provided

Oct 23 - Episcopal School Sunday

Nov 4 - Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Nov 9- Eucharist

Nov 11- Veteran's

Nov 13 - Book Fair

Nov 16 - Angel Tree

Nov 21-25 - Thanksgiving Break


If you would like to order books for your child from Scholastic Reading Club, please use our class code. We have provide the link below for your convenience.

Ms. Odom's Code: N87VQ

Ms. Gandy's Code: Q8K2F

Mrs. Roberts Code: P9HZB

Ms. Gandy's Acolyte Schedule

Tue 10/18

Cate - Torch

Morgan - Torch

Jack - Crucifer

Samuel - Intercessor (Greeter)

Elizabeth- Reader

Wed 10/19

Payton - Torch

Cole - Torch

Olivia - Crucifer

Alexander - Intercessor (Greeter)

Henry R. - Reader

Thu 10/20

Piper - Torch

Kian - Torch

Julia - Crucifer

Devin - Intercessor (Greeter)

Henry S - Reader

Tue 10/25

Samuel - Torch

Henry R. - Torch

Harry - Crucifer

Wyatt - Intercessor (Greeter)

Payton - Reader

Wed 10/26

Alexander - Torch

Kathryn - Torch

Elizabeth - Crucifer

Kian - Intercessor (Greeter)

Olivia - Reader

Thu 10/27

Devin - Torch

Henry S. - Torch

Morgan - Crucifer

Jack - Intercessor (Greeter)

Cate - Reader

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

The GSES Pumpkin Contest begins on Wednesday, October 26 and ends Friday the 28th. IF your child would like to participate, they may decorate a pumpkin like any book character. They must have a book associated with their pumpkin in order to win the contest. Pumpkins are to be brought in the morning of October 26 ONLY, and by 7:50 am to the GSES Library. Then they get taken home on the 28th and must be picked up by 3:30. Email Lindsay Marchant with any questions you may have at

Halloween Parade

The annual Good Shepherd Halloween Parade will take place Monday, October 31st at 8:15 am. We would love for you to be in the crowd to watch the parade! Here are some details:

• Parade route will be around the YMCA track. The attached map will help you locate where your child will begin the parade. Look for his or her teacher’s or advisor’s name on the map.

• Please stand on the INTERIOR of the track and do not block the bleachers.
• Parade will be from 8:15-8:50 am.
• Feel free to join in a schoolwide tradition as students dance the Monster Mash at the parade’s end.
• This year’s parade will also include the announcement of the winner of the 8th Grade Legacy Gift’s “Kiss the Pig” contest. The “winning” teacher will kiss a pig after the parade.
• Students may wear Halloween costumes to school that day. Refer to the Student-Parent Handbook, page 21, for costume guidelines. Students will need proper tennis shoes for PE.

Hope to see you there!

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