Friday Focus

March 13th, 2015


Thank you all for your flexibility during PARCC testing. Thanks to Brad Payne for changing his band lesson location as well. The students are moving through PARCC sessions quite well thanks to all of your efforts. Melissa and Michele, great work keeping everything running smoothly.

I've seen some great re-teaching and differentiation this week during math. Thank you for making the best use of the buffer week. Great job using data to inform your instructional planning. Kudos!

Great work encouraging parents to take the Illinois 5Essentials survey. We're up to a 41% parent response rate.


Farewell to Megan who announced her resignation effective the last day of school. Good luck to Megan and her family as they move to Florida!

Reminder from Melissa regarding chromes...

Quick reminder: The chrome books need to be properly stowed in the carts at the end of the day and plugged in ready to be charged. The chrome cart doors need to be carefully closed so none of the charging cables are crimped by the doors when the doors are closed. The carts need to be locked when not in use and at the end of the day. There are after school groups who come into the school at night before all the classrooms have been cleaned and locked. Thank you for taking the time to ensure this equipment is being taken care of properly. If anyone knows the whereabouts of the lock for chrome cart 5, please return it to the LRC. Thanks again!

Important Message from Rachel

There is a new procedure to efficiently collect math assessment data.

On the StaffShare drive in the MeadStaff folder, there is a file called Math Assessment Data 2015.xlsx.

As you finish and score a pre-assessment or a final (retake) assessment, please enter your students’ score in terms of percentage on the spreadsheet. (If you don’t calculate percentages and enter your scores in Skyward as raw number scores, you can have Skyward show the percentage by having the DISPLAY OPTIONS for the particular assignment be set to PERCENT in the drop down menu. This will prevent extra calculations on your part.)

Hopefully, this new procedure will streamline data collection and use. If you have any questions, please send them to Kim or myself.

I appreciate your efforts to help us collect this data and indulge our growth mindset as we develop an way to collect this data that works for all stakeholders.

Thank you for your continued hard work on math!

Notes and Reminders

  • As an FYI, Katie Yeagle will be back on April 7th. Also, Lisa P. is scheduled to deliver Baby Zyk this Saturday!
  • Please make sure to sign your Senate Bill 7 Letter. Stacy has them.
  • Greg's Smore has lots of important information. Please make sure to read. (The link is below.)
  • If you're interested in attending the summer Kagan training, please RSVP at your earliest convenience. (The link is below.)
  • Throughout the PARCC testing window, please bring copies to the office for your copy parents so that parents aren't walking through the halls during PARCC testing.
  • Please keep the building as quiet as possible throughout PARCC testing. Remember that some groups will require extended time that may go into the afternoon hours. Also, makeups may need to take place during the afternoon (depending on how many students require makeup testing).
  • Check out the link below for some fun brain break ideas!

Vote for Kathy White's sons' song, "Raise the W," Below...

S'More Smores

Coming Up...

Monday, March 16th

It's an A Week - No PLCs this week

PARCC Testing - Limit hallway noise from 8:50-11:00

Monday Meeting (All Staff - Special Ed Collaboration/Ind Reflection)

Board of Education Meeting, 7:30 PM, JJH

Tuesday, March 17th

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

PARCC Testing - Limit hallway noise from 8:50-11:00

Admin Meeting (Reg out in AM)

Wednesday, March 18th

PARCC Testing - Limit hallway noise from 8:50-11:00

Thursday, March 19th

PARCC Testing - Limit hallway noise from 8:50-11:00

Friday, March 20th

PARCC Testing - Limit hallway noise form 8:50-11:00

Preschool Screening (No School for EC)

Dates to Keep in Mind:

Monday, March 23rd - Monday Meeting (Certified Staff)

Tuesday, March 24th - STAR Custom Training (Select Staff)

Tuesday, March 24th - Teaching and Learning Team Meeting (Reg out in PM)

Thursday, March 26th - Second Year Band Field Trip and 4th Grade Music Field Trip

Friday, March 27th - PARCC Testing Window Closes

Friday, March 27th - End of Third Quarter (WHAT?!)

Monday, March 30th - Spring Break Begins

Tuesday, April 7th - School Resumes

Tuesday, April 7th - Admin Meeting (Reg out in AM)

Tuesday, April 7th - Last session of after school clubs resumes

Wednesday, April 8th - Monday Schedule

Wednesday, April 8th - Kindergarten Pre-Registration (3:30-7:00)

Thursday, April 9th - Six IEP Meetings in the Building Throughout the Day - FYI

Thursday, April 9th - PTO Meeting, 6:30 PM, Meadowview (Khan and Bilingual/ESL Reps)

Tuesday, April 14th - 1st/2nd Grade Music Rehearsal and Show (Eat in Classrooms)

Wednesday, April 15th - Third Quarter Report Cards Due

Friday, April 17th - Report Cards Distributed

Monday, April 20th - Spring Pictures

Monday, April 20th - Monday Meeting (All Staff - SpEd Collab/Ind. Reflection)

Monday, April 20th - 6th Grade Parent JJH Transition Meeting, 6:30 PM, JJH

Tuesday, April 21st - Admin Meeting (Reg out in the AM)

Wednesday, April 22nd - 6th Grade Visit to JJH (AM)

Thursday, April 23rd - Five IEP meetings in the building - FYI

Thursday, April 23rd - Meadowview Open House/Ice Cream Social

Saturday, April 25th - Young Authors Conference

Monday, April 27th - Monday Meeting, Certified Staff

Monday, April 27th - Board of Education Meeting, 7:30 PM, JJH

Tuesday, April 28th - Teaching and Learning Team Meeting (Reg out in PM)

Wednesday, April 29th - First Grade Field Trip to Zoo

Thursday, April 30th - 6th Grade Chicago Symphony Orchestra Field Trip

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