Weekly Update

Strive Center for Autism - July 9, 2021

Mask Survey

Thank you to all who have participated in our brief survey on mask wearing. If no one from your family has responded, please click this link and share your opinion.

Mask Survey

Any caregiver is welcome to respond, and we welcome multiple responses from each family. We will close the survey on Monday, July 12th.

Turtle Visit!

We had a turtle visit our parking lot in Brighton, so all the kids rushed outside to see it! They were surprised by how fast the turtle moved on land.

Autism Alliance Zoo Walk Free Tickets

We have a pack of 4 tickets for the Autism Alliance Zoo walk, two weeks from Sunday, on July 25th. If you are available and would like to attend, please click this link to enter the drawing.

There are no rules to enter, simply share your name and an email address where you can be informed if you win!

The tickets will allow you admission to the zoo for 4 people and parking for the day. There will be a vendor fair, where you can gather info about a variety of services available for people with Autism, and you can enjoy the zoo all day!

Autism Alliance of Michigan Zoo Walk Ticket Giveaway

Autism Alliance of Michigan Hero Walk

Please join us for the Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAOM) Hero Walk on Sunday, July 25th at the Detroit Zoo or virtual. This year, the Strive Center is sponsoring the walk, and we have a walk team.

To join the Strive Center Walk Team, click here.

Please feel free to share our team page with others to help in our efforts to fundraise.

For general information on the walk please visit their website here.

This year, the zoo will allow 900 walkers to access the zoo for the day. Other walkers will receive a zoo voucher to use at a different time, and the AAOM will have a virtual event organized for those walkers on July 25th as well. Number of zoo vouchers earned is dependent on fundraising amount, and details are available on the AAOM Hero Walk page.

Strive Center proudly sponsors the AAOM whenever possible, as this organization provides families affected by Autism with a wide variety of opportunities, services, and information. For more information on the AAOM, or to access any of their services or opportunities, please visit the AAOM page.

Please understand there is no obligation for any of our families to participate in this event or to donate to the AAOM.

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Meet Danyelle, ABA Therapist

Danyelle started at the Strive Center for Autism in August of 2020. She has previously worked as a Behavior Technician for almost a year before joining the Strive team.

Danyelle attended Powers Catholic High School and is currently attending the University of Michigan Flint for a bachelor’s in Psychology.

Danyelle enjoys painting!

Fun Fridays

We'll keep listing these in the newsletter for a quick and easy spot for you to check them, and we'll send Remind messages each Thursday to help you keep up to date!

July 16th - School Spirit Day - wear your Strive t shirt AND Water Balloon Day! Feel free to send sandals or water shoes or whatever foot wear you'd prefer your child to get wet in, as well as extra clothes or even a bathing suit if you'd prefer they wear that to get wet.

July 23rd - Mismatch Day - stripes with polka dots, crazy colors, 2 different socks, the less it matches, the better! AND Reading Buddies Day - pick another cozy spot to read outside with a friend.

July 30th - Super Hero Day - wear a shirt with your favorite super hero on it, or go all out and dress like your favorite super hero AND Fireworks Science experiment. "Fireworks" are made by mixing oil and food coloring and dropping it into water - no flames, just fun colors! Kids won't need to touch the oil or food coloring directly, but please reach out to your BCBA if there are any allergy concerns here.