Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510)

By Brian Barlotta

Where was he born? Where did he spend most of his life?

Sandro Botticelli was born in Florence in 1445, son of a tanner. He resided there for his whole life and only left there once to go paint three frescoes in the Sistine chapel in Rome.

Education and lifestyle

Botticelli was trained by a master who's name is not known today. He was the son of a tanner who made an ok pay. He became very popular in the early 1470s and stayed popular until the end of the 1480's when he became "outdated".
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3 major paintings

1. "The Birth of Venus" (pictured above)

2. "Fortitude"

3. "Spring"

Who were his patrons?

His main patrons were the Medici family. Although he did many other paintings for other rich families none were to the extent of what he did for the Medici.

Connected isms to Botticelli

Classicalism- in the painting "Birth of Venus" he goes back to the Roman gods and connects the painting back to the classic ideas

Secularism- he is painting things that aren't connected to the church. In fact, they go against the ideas of the church. The church had been formed from the breakaway of these ideas.

Part II-- The Birth of Venus

Created in 1482

It resides today in the Uffizi Gallery along with many other of his paintings

What was so significant about this?

It went against the church to go back to the Roman gods and goddesses. The church wasn't happy about this and when Savonarola had influence over the city to change their ways, this painting was saved. The painting was made for the Medici's cousins.

what is happening in this piece?

Venus is coming in on a shell from the sea. As the winds are blowing in to the shore, the meadow is giving her roses and welcoming her with full arms. This shows that Venus was loved from the beginning by all of the gods.

Which ism does this painting connect.

This connects to classicalism because it goes back to the Roman times of the gods. The church wasn't happy about this

What does this painting mean to me?

I personally am interested in Greek and Roman gods. What I know about Venus/ Aphrodite is that she was born from the sea foam. To see Botticelli's depiction of her birth is very cool because I had a different image in my head

Where could you see this or read an excerpt on it?

You could see this in the Uffizi Gallery. You can read an excerpt on it at the Uffizi Gallery website at this link below.