Addiction In The Young Generation

By Farbod Samsami, 12/17/2015

What is Media?

A means of communication, especially to large numbers of people. Media is sometimes good and positive, but sometimes it’s bad and negative too. Media has good things, but I’m going to write more about bad and negative things. For example how teens spend more of their time on their phones and video games. Are kids spending too much time on video games?

"Nothing fascinating will happen when you use it a lot!"

First, 39 percent of the children in the world have their own phone, even though they don’t need it. Also most of the adults are using phones for the same thing (Surfing the Net, Texting and Calling others. “Teens spend eight hours a day surfing the Net, talking or texting on the phone. I think that eight hours is a very high number for teens because if a teenager goes to school for 7 hours and comes back it’s already 4 pm. So if they go on their phone and do this stuff for hours then it’s going to be too late and they are not going study and get good grades. For some children this has become an addiction and they can’t live without it. Meaning, if they don’t play video games then they are going to get withdrawal and sad.

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"playing video games can be expensive".

Secondly, when video game consoles came out they were just gaming machines, just for fun. But in these days they have become expensive and they are now habits. Also now more than half of the teens between 11-12 years old have one in their houses. In the other words parents spend around a million dollars a year that part of it is for gadgets. That’s a very high number for a year and it’s because of the impact of the teens on their parents for buying stuff to use. More of these are because of influence of advertisements on the teens and advertising the video games gets teens attention. “52 percent of teens have video game consoles”

Finally, I think there are many easy ways to solve this problems. The solution to fix this is to make a deal with yourself that if you use your phone more than 2 hours a day then you should give your phone to your parents. If it doesn’t work out for you like that just ask your parents to hide your gadgets that you use a lot. Another solution is that you should give your charger to your parents, that way if your phone runs out of battery then you can’t use it anymore. But some people may think that they are independent and they don’t need their parents help so by believing in themselves and trying their best, they put their phones away.Even Though, they need an adult to show them the right way and help them. My way to fix this is to ask my parents to hide my gadgets. I think everyone that has this habit should make a huge effort to solve this problem in order to have a better life and future.

In conclusion, playing video games and using phones should be limited so that it doesn’t influence children and teens lifestyle and future. For those who are saying that they can’t they have to believe that they can. Everything is possible.


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