By: Sandra Cervantes

Why, Where, and When

The Neolithic age occurred when humans largely shifted away from living as hunter gatherers and began farming and settled down and began building houses. The Neolithic Revolution did not happen that quickly. It happen over several thousands of years. Nomadic people moved to place to place following the animals that they hunted for food. Migration is to move to one place to another (following the animals were they went to get more food.) People settled down by the mountains. The mountains acted like if they were like borders the mountains protected the animals plants and it also protected the early humans from the other humans. This place is called Fertile Crescent. Fertile Crescent means rich soil. Some early humans began to settled down and some still kept hunting and gathering. The settlements appear in the 14,000 years ago. It appear in the Middle East, Egypt, Peru, and Mexico. Early humans settled down in the ancient civilization in China, India ,Egypt, Peru, and Mexico. The connection is that once people had a surplus of food they could have more jobs like building houses. Farming caused civilization because they knew about farming, they did not have to worry about different jobs they just had to build civilizations.
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The First Crops

Early humans gathered food from wild plants. The reason early humans settled down was because they started to cultivate. Cultivate means to prepare and use for crops. They produce food by gathering wild grain archaeologists believe that women did the farming because they notice patterns in growth of wild plants. They learned how to cultivate while men continued to hunt for food. The men job was for to go hunt animals for food. Some stayed hunting and gathering I know because some early farmers thought it was a process emir or trial and decide to be hunter gatherers. There are rich soil found in many different places. They stored their food in pits and buildings. They select seeds from the best plants then store the seed for next year.
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The First Farm Animals

The first animal to be domesticated was the dog. They are descendants by the wolves. Dogs were used for hunting food. They domesticated farm animals like about 10,000 years ago. The sheep and cows provided hides, milk, and manure. Beast and burden were used for labor in the fields. Beast means a large and dangerous four footed animal. Burden means a heavy load. disease was a problem because animals spread the disease to humans and the flu was spreading fast. Domestication alerted the conditions humans needed to survive. Instead of hunting and gathering, people could farm and raise animals and produce a surplus of food. Domestication helped to set the stage for growth of cities. Farmers could grow more food because animals could work for longer periods of time. Fewer people were needed in fields because they could specialize in other trades such as tool making.
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