Writer's Workshop: 3rd Grade

Digging in and getting our hands dirty!

Food for Thought!

"For third-graders the writing process is vastly more elongated. Students are able to be more deliberate and plan more at junctures throughout the writing process. Third-graders are taught ways to start a text, plan a text, structure a text, reread a text, revise a text, and so on!" - Lucy Calkins

Let's Explore Lucy!

3rd Grade Units of Study

  • Unit 1 - Crafting True Stories
  • Unit 2 - The Art of Information Writing
  • Unit 3 - Changing the World - Persuasive Speeches, Petitions, and Editorials
  • Unit 4 - Once Upon a Time - Adapting and Writing Fairy Tales

Mentor Texts to Consider!

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