VanderWall & Wedick's ELA Class

Week of 9/12-9/16

Last Week in Greyhound ELA

We finished another stem list. We have Stem List 12 under our belts and will be taking a test over Stem Lists 11 and 12 this upcoming Friday.

All students took the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) to get a quick look at their reading levels. SRI uses vocabulary, reading selections, and context clues to pinpoint students' reading levels. We will be retaking SRI in the winter and spring to see how our reading levels grow over the course of the year. Keep an eye out for a letter explaining this in your students's binder during Student Led Conferences.

Student Led Conferences are October 5th and 6th

Please click on the link below to sign up for your child's student-led conference in October. This is an opportunity for our students to share some of their incredible achievements with you, and we truly hope we can schedule a time that is convenient for your family. If not, please contact a team member to set up an alternate plan. Thank you for everything you do to help your child be successful.

How to Survive the Real World

We are concluding our How to Survive the Real World mini unit this week with two activities. The first is a This vs. That comparison of satellite companies, streaming video platforms, phone brands, and streaming music services. The second is a reflection of what they liked and didn't like about "adult-ing".

Last week, we had two big projects due. You will be able to see them on Skyward. The first is the Menu Project. Students planned a week's worth of meals, made a grocery list, and added up the total. The second was our check register that we worked on for a few weeks. Students started with their monthly income (after taxes) and used credits and debits to pay for bills, clothes, and other life expenses. They had to make some hard decisions to make it to the end of the month without going into the red.

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, September 13th - Writer's Notebook Due

Thursday, September 15th - "How to Survive the Real World" Reflection Due

Friday, September 16th - Stem List 11 and 12 Test

Monday, September 19th - Library Day

Thursday, September 29th - Giant Bucks Store

Friday, September 30th - AR Points are due (every student should have 20); Field Trip to Job Spark; Fun Friday

Wednesday and Thursday, October 5th and 6th - Student Led Conferences