Gas Vans

By Jacob Hall

Why and When

The Nazis began experimenting on poisonous gas to exterminate the jews, in 1939. They wanted to find a quick and efficient way to kill jews. And a poisonous gas seemed to be the answer. Nazis tested the gas with the killing of mental patients, known as "euthanasia". The Nazis tested their gas on germans they thought were unworthy, or unfit.

Gas Vans

After Germany invaded the Soviet Union, in June 1941, the Nazis were experimenting on the making of a gas van for mass killing. "Gas vans were hermetically sealed with engine exhaust diverted to the interior compartment." (Holocaust Encyclopedia). Einsatzgruppe members complained of mental anguish after killing women and children, as a result the gas vans were created. Gassing was cheaper and one of the most efficient ways to kill people. Nazis concluded that gassing the jews the the quickest way to the final solution.


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