Back To School Time!!

Horace Maynard Middle School

Kickin' It with Kilgore:

It is here, school time! We are so excited to have our students back in the building next week!

We really enjoyed getting to meet several of you all at our Back to School Nights this week. We had great turnouts for both nights and you could feel the positivity and energy in the building. It is going to be a great school year and I cannot wait to get it started Monday morning.

Just a reminder that Monday and Tuesday are staggered days. Monday A-J will be coming to school and on Tuesday K-Z will be coming to school. Students will be off on Wednesday and Thursday and then we will have all of our students here on Friday.

Homerooms should be correct in Skyward. We are still making some final adjustments to full schedules and students will get to see their schedules on the staggered days. Some final adjustments for our Victory periods will continue through next week.

We have hired a new band director! Students will get to meet her on Monday. As far as other staffing, we are almost fully staffed! Central office has done a fantastic job on hiring amazing teachers in the vacant positions to add with the already amazing teachers at HMMS.

As I told you at Back to School Nights, I am honored and humbled to the principal at HMMS and I cannot wait to kick this year off Monday!

Go Devils!

Dr. Tobi Kilgore--

Questions Submitted at Back to School Nights

  1. Will students be able to use cell phones in the morning, at lunch, or during car riders? - We will be following UCPS school board policy on cell phones. Students may possess cell phones but they need to be put up and turned off. Any student seen will a cell phone out will be subject to disciplinary action. The first offense the student will have their phone taken and can be picked up by the end of the day. The second offense the student will have their phone taken and the parent/guardian will have to pick it up. The third offense the parent will have to pick up the phone and the student will face further disciplinary action.
  2. Will teachers be using any apps to communicate with parents? -That will be a teacher by teacher decision. However, the teacher will be communicating with parents frequently. Parents will also be able to assess Skyward to view student progress. Weekly newsletters will be sent out by administration as well.
  3. Will STEM classes be available? -STEM will be available during special areas and STEM will be a focus option in our Victory periods.

Upcoming Dates

August 8th- Students A-J will come to school

August 9th- Students K-Z will come to school

August 12th- First Day for All Students

September 8th- Open House

Supply List


Here is our supply list for this school year. This is the same supply list for each grade level. If you have already purchased supplies from a previously published list, please do not feel the need to buy additional supplies. We will work with your student on that.

Way to Be R.E.A.L!

- Big thank you to our cheerleaders! They did an amazing job of helping us with our Back to School Nights. They decorated the lobby to make it welcoming to our teachers on their first day back and to the families on the Back to School Nights. I am proud of how well they represented themselves and our school!

- Big shout out to Brent Coffey. Brent is one of our new custodians at HMMS and he has done a fantastic job of making our campus beautiful for our students. We are blessed to have him here and all of our wonderful custodial staff!

- Thank you to the community, parents, and central office for the support for HMMS! This is a true family and everyone is ALL IN!

Ms. Wanda's Weird Facts

Canada eats more macaroni and cheese than any other nation in the world.

Kilgore's Dad Joke of the Week

My wife says I should do lunges to stay in shape.....that would be a big step forward.