The Sun Dragon

Owners: Chet Peterson, Lauren Hillert , and Ricardo Ramirez


  • Additional information

  • We have a budget of $550

  • We will make about $1 to $2 dollars more on each dish

  • The total cost of the party would be $473.80

  • The price range would be from about $12.98 to $21.98

  • Equation:

  • Price to make plus an additional work bill of $1 to $2 plus tax equals the total cater bill for each meal

  • The amount of profit made would be about 50 dollars more than we came with.

  • The percent for that in relation to the budget would be around %2 to %4

  • The way i did that was multiplication

  • The price would increase about $3 a person since the number of people would only be 29

  • We used several sources for our problems

  • Those sources were, Mrs. Atchley, a calculator, other students, our minds, and real restaurants.

  • We have complete confidence that we have the right solutions and if you have questions we will completely pleased to tell you how we came to those solutions

  • Thank you for your business!

some pictures of our menu