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Keeping staff informed of the excitement in the MS


Are you having Evaluation Anxiety? Not sure what you need to do prior to or after an observation? JUST ASK...This is new and different for everyone involved and we all want what is best for everyone involved. If you would like to meet privately to discuss any nuances of the new observation process, please, please, please email me. First round of observations are now complete and second round will be between now and President's Day weekend. See your supervisor if you are due for an "Announced" observation!!

New Clubs and Actvities

MS Clubs announced

PMS has announced the funding for new clubs and activities...please promote and support you fellow staff members and their students with their new endeavors!!! We have a Cross Country Club, a Track Club, a Tennis Club, Engineering Club, Japanese Club, and an Art Club all taking place on various times and days after school. Check the announcements or just chat with a fellow colleague. Budget surprise!!! Our voters approved one half of the bond referendum meaning there will be additional money available to sponsor clubs and extracurricular activities. Have an idea? Pitch it to your supervisor!!! We are always looking to expand offerings to our students!!!