Mrs. Clark's Class

First Grade 2013-2014

Solids, liquids, and gas (OH MY!)

In Science, our class has been learning about states of matter and how different kinds of energy can change matter. Science in First grade is SO. MUCH. FUN because we get to experiment and really SEE and FEEL Science. Last week, we sorted pictures of different objects into groups of solids, liquids, and gases. Then, we talked about whether those objects would sink or float. (If any of you ever watched David Letterman's "Sink or Float" segments, it was similar to this--just on a smaller scale.) The students made a hypothesis for each object then we tested them out. We even experimented with a couple of pumpkins on Halloween. They couldn't believe that their pumpkins floated! Ask them if they can remember WHY the pumpkins floated!

We also talked about heat energy and how either adding heat energy or taking away heat energy can change matter. We experimented with jello and watched it turn from a liquid (water) to a gas (steam from the boiling water) to a solid (the jello). Students were able to see that adding heat energy can change a liquid to a gas and removing heat energy can change a liquid to a solid. Then, we got to eat it! :D


  • November 13--Early Release Day (dismissal at 12:45)
  • November 15--Report Card Day (remember to send one back signed in the envelope)
  • November 21--Field Trip at Franklin Drive Thru Safari
  • November 27-29--Thanksgiving Break

Fall Field Trip

Our Fall field trip will be on Thursday, November 21. We will be visiting Franklin Drive Thru Safari. If you are able to help chaperone, please let me know as soon as possible. You MUST have a completed background check to be able to go and help our group. Background checks can be done by visiting

Fall Party Fun!

The kiddos had a blast at our Fall party! Thanks to our special moms and dads who provided yummy treats and helped us create awesome pumpkins. We all enjoyed the afternoon and hope you did too!