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March 16-20

Support Staff Employee of the Year

The Wentzville School District's Annual Support Staff Employee of the Year program has begun! Any District employee can submit nominations. I have added a link to the nomination form for your use,

Positions included are: Bus Driver, Cafeteria/Playground Supervisor, Chautauqua employee, Clerical Employee, Custodian, Food Service Employee, Instructional Assistant, Library Assistant, Maintenance Employee, Mechanic, Nurse, Nurse Assistant, Secretarial, Security Guard, Paraprofessional and Technology Employee.

All nominations for your building/department are due to Doug by Friday, March 20.

Building nominees will be honored at the District Awards Reception at Timberland High School on Wednesday, May 13, 2015. At this reception, the District Support Staff Employee of the Year will be announced.

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Date Change-Meet on Friday, March 20th (due to many at PBIS)

  • Data should be updated by Monday, March 16th.
  • Make sure you switch to the March Tab
  • CARE will take place Friday, March 20th for K-5
  • Kim Pieper and Carla Kunstel will not have Title groups this day.

End of 3rd Quarter Approaching

Classroom teachers it is critical that you are working in Google Drive on the original Google Drive document. Several teachers decided to pull their document out of drive without asking for permission. Once you do this, the document you are using is a read only document in Google Drive. This means special areas can't enter grades on to the report. It also means your document is no longer located in the Report Card folders.

The main reason we decided to work in Google Drive is to allow multiple people access to write on the document. It is also making it extremely difficult for Carol and Jenn to find documents when they need to print report cards.

All teachers must work on the original Google Drive document. If you worked outside of this document, you must speak to Melissa Armbruster.

Quarter 3 Report Card Dates:

Quarter Ends-March 13th

Grade Chairs turn in envelope label requests to Carol May by Tuesday, March 17th

Grades Entered by Tuesday, March 24th by Midnight

Teachers will print own report cards and place them in envelopes

  • Office provides envelopes and labels if needed

  • Fold and place report card in envelope

  • Don’t seal envelopes

  • Envelopes of students with no scheduled parent teacher conference will be turned into office.

  • After conferences, turn in all remaining envelopes.

  • Make additional copy for alternate parent. Give to Carol May.

Collaboration March 23rd/25th will be time to print/stuff envelopes.

Envelopes due to office on Thursday, March 26th at 9:00 a.m. (hold on to any student who has a scheduled conference)

Report Cards Mailed Home Friday, March 27th

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Parent Teacher Conference Information

A conference packet will be in your mailbox by the end of today. You can also use this link below to open up the packet. The office is trying to go paperless as much as we can. There will be several items shared through Google Drive. They are noted below.

By March 9 Parent/Teacher conference letter sent home with all students.

March 16 Parent/Teacher conference confirmation note sent home.

March 9 – April 13 Phone calls made to parents that do not have a conference scheduled.

March 24 Copy of Parent/Teacher conference schedule shared with Melissa Armbruster on Google Drive.

March 27 Report cards mailed home to parents with no scheduled conference.

March 26 Parent/Teacher Conference Day

April 9 Parent/Teacher conference summary report completed in Google Drive. Your conference summary sheet will be shared with you through Google Drive shortly.

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DRA Survey- PLEASE READ!!!!!

Over the past year or so, the curriculum department has been researching different reading assessments that are similar to the DRA that is currently used in the Wentzville School District. Another tool that is similar to the DRA, but may be less time consuming for teachers is the Teacher College's Reading Assessment. We are looking for your input on whether on not the Wentzville School District should transition to the Teacher College's Reading Assessment for next school year.

Here is a link to a document that compares and contrasts both the DRA and the Teacher College's Assessment:

Here is a link you can use to take a quick survey about whether or not Wentzville should transition to the Teacher College's Assessment or continue using the DRA:

Please have the survey completed by Friday March 27.

Spring DRA Window Expectations

Here's a quick review of the Spring DRA Window expectations:

Title 1 Students:

  • Carla and Kim will give the DRA to these students.
  • Classroom teachers will not need to give them to Title students.

K-4 Students:

  • Given between the dates of April 20- May 15.
  • DRA scores must be entered in SISK12 no later than May 22.

5th grade students:

  • Please proctor the DRA to 5th grade students that are reading below the grade level benchmark between the dates of April 20 - May 15.
  • This information is very helpful for middle school principals and teachers, as they plan for next school year.
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The Week Ahead...

March 9-April 13: Please make a positive call to any student's family who does not need a conference. Be sure to share the success this student is making.

Monday, March 16

Parent Teacher Conference confirmation notes sent home

CARE Data should be updated in Google Drive by classroom teachers

3-5 Collaboration will be CARE on Friday, March 20th

Tuesday, March 17


Grade Chairs turn in label requests for report card envelopes to Carol May

3:30 p.m.- 4:30 p.m.- After School Tutoring

Wednesday, March 18


PBIS Training-Doug, Alexa, Jenny, Sandy, and Megan Out All Day

K-2 Collaboration-Will be CARE on Friday, March 20th

3:40 Faculty Meeting-MAP Training

Thursday, March 19th


12:30-4:30 Melissa Video Interviews at C.O.

3:30 p.m.- 4:30 p.m.- After school tutoring

Friday, March 20


Bus Driver Meeting with Doug

Support Staff Nominations due to Doug

K-5 Collaboration CARE Meetings

Saturday, March 21

9:00 a.m. Canvassing Day #2

SHOUT OUT the EXCELLENCE around YOU! Click here!

Excellence is all around us. Nominate a staff member by clicking here.

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Keith and Michelle

Thank you for taking students under your wing when they need it most. We notice the attention and care you give to our students. Not only do you help keep our building beautiful but you are making a difference any many students' lives.

Turntine and Deters

Thanks for the being the first to share a parent teacher conference schedule with Melissa on Google Drive.
Comment, question, or concern. Click here!

Doug or Melissa will respond.

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March Birthdays

March 1- Zara Farsad

March 3- Derrik Reynolds

March 7- Katie Turntine

March 8- David Elsten & Michael Jandt

March 14- Denise Beames

March 20- Melissa Huddleston

March 21- Julia Tevlin

March 22- Jill Schulte

March 23- Christina Turner

March 24- Courtney Streicher

March 28- Abbey Keyes

March 28- Kathleen Meriwether