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PCBA Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1 February 2023

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Welcome to our first Newsletter!

We are excited to share our first quarterly newsletter, “The Hive” with our members!

Our hope is that it will be a useful and educational resource members, and we encourage your content suggestions as well as contributions to our “Member’s Circle” portion of the page. We will highlight important dates and events, and keep the Club informed of important club business, local and regional bee news and articles of interest.

* A Special Note to Bee School Students *

The Club would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new Bee School Students - Class of 2023! I remember my excitement (and confusion!) during the first few weeks of bee school. There’s a lot of information to absorb, and it can seem overwhelming, so we encourage you to reach out to a mentor from the list on our website, someone who is local to your area, with any questions you may have. Our Mentors find great joy in beekeeping and love to “talk bees,” so please reach out when you are unsure of something. One of the main purposes of this Club is to help one another as we care for our bees. We are ALL continuously learning, and sharing their knowledge is what our Mentors love to do! Your Mentor will be your go-to guide throughout your first season because you WILL have questions, and that’s absolutely expected. When researching online, please rely on only reputable sources, local to our area. Beekeeping methods can vary significantly from region to region. The Club encourages you to learn as much as you can, reach out to our Mentors for support, and remember that even the most “seasoned” beekeepers have made mistakes, likely the same ones you’re going to make. Dont be hard on yourself, its expected that you will come to a few bumps in the road. The key is to learn from them! When the season begins in April, and your bees finally arrive, just remember to relax, breathe…and enjoy the journey!

Lee, VP

Bee Package Ordering

Bee School students may order at class, 2/9 and 2/23.

Club members in good standing may order starting 2/24 (not before).

Non-Members may order starting 3/10.

Please see the package policy here for all ordering information.

Bee Package Installation Video

Click the link below to watch PCBA Member and past Bee School Instructor Glen Cornell as he demonstrates the installation of a new package of bees into a hive. It is a good refresher video to watch just before bee delivery, to make sure you are prepared with everything you need to install your bees. The link is also available on our website.

2016 QRI Package Install Demo With Glen Cornell

A welcome message from our new Program Director, Matthew J. Leighton

Out of all the opportunities a PCBA member can explore, interactions supporting each other and drawing upon the members' breadth of experience have been personally valuable to my beekeeping journey. Yes, 2022 was my first year, turning the corner from a timid, want to keep bees, to a confident beekeeper with a thirst to learn more. Our club has afforded access to local beekeepers, knowledge to be a successful and responsible beekeeper, informative forums, meetings and workshops and community outreach. Engagement has also allowed me to begin building social connections that enrich my life and those I have had the opportunity to meet.

Of course, I have a steep learning curve to build relationships and facilitate programs that incorporate several different types of speakers/topics into our monthly meetings. If you are interested in presenting a topic, serving on a Q&A panel or have a presenter recommendation or program suggestions, I am raising my hand, asking for help. Know something about package installs and spring management (consider joining the Q&A Panel in April). Have something to share for overwintering, join the September Q&A session. Have honey, contribute your finest to the fall honey tasting event. Matthew Leighton,, (617) 335-4799.

Members are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings, taking advantage of the diversity of topics and opportunities to meet others interested in beekeeping – check out the newsletter calendar for details. The monthly meetings are generally held, 4th Wednesday of the month, 7:00 – 9:00 PM at the club house, 228 High St., Hanson MA. Always check the website or email for the most current information. If you are not a member and are interested in attending one of the meetings, please contact Lisa, our president at

May you have success with your 2023 beekeeping goals.

Hive Happenings - Upcoming Events

Monthly Club Meeting (open to all)

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, 7-9pm

228 High Street

Hanson, MA

This month’s meeting will feature a presentation by Amy Meltzer entitled “Gardening With Native Plants, Why and How”. In this talk Amy will focus on the current biodiversity crisis, the evolutionary history among native plants, insects, birds and fungi and how these interdependent relationships among diverse species are necessary for their survival. She will show how growing native plants and using ecological landscape practices can simultaneously reverse biodiversity loss, increase resilience in our landscapes, and slow climate change – all while creating a beautiful garden!

Amy is an active member of Grow Native Massachusetts and the Mass Pollinator Network. She is also on both the Research Team and the Natural Solutions working group of The Massachusetts Chapter of Elders Climate Action. Amy has been researching and gardening with native plants for over ten years.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Event for PCBA Member Kids!

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Bee Fun Friday

Friday, Feb. 24th, 12-2pm

228 High Street

Hanson, MA

Please RSVP to the event using the form link below.

RSVP for Kids' Day

PCBA Executive Board Meeting

Thursday, March 2nd, 6pm

97 Mill Street

Hanover, MA

Our monthly Executive Board Meeting is on the first Thursday of every month. - All are welcome to attend and discuss Club Business. Usually held at the Hanson Club House, March’s meeting will take place prior to bee school at 6 pm at the YMCA Laura Center for the Arts at 97 Mill Street in Hanover.

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Clubhouse Painting Part 2

Saturday, March 4th, 11am-3pm

228 High Street

Hanson, MA

We’ve been sprucing up the clubhouse and will be continuing the painting on the kitchen side. Bring your favorite brush or roller if you have one!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Worcester County Beekeeper Spring Conference


  • Date: March 04, 2023

  • Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


The Worcester County and Hampden County beekeepers are once again sponsoring their annual Big Name Speakers Program bringing in two of the nation’s top apicultural scientists to speak on and enhance our knowledge of honeybees in order allow us to become better beekeepers by learning about the new research on honeybees. We have Dr Jeff Pettis, and Dr Geoffrey Williams each presenting 2 topics on the latest research on honeybees so that we can better manage your colonies whether it be 1 colony or hundreds of colonies. You can see the titles and descriptions of the talks below that certainly cover the knowledge base that we as beekeepers need. There is no cost with the exception of the $13 dollar luncheon catered by Buggy Whip Catering (description below). We have chosen topics which brand new beekeepers and longtime beekeepers will find applicable in their beekeeping management. I highly recommend that you attend this meeting on Saturday, March 4, for the sake of your bees if nothing else! They certainly need your management skills on mites, pesticide effects, and brood diseases more than ever before which the talks focus on. Hope to see you there.


Ken Warchol

It’s time to register for MA Bee!

Annual membership dues for the Massachusetts Beekeepers Association are either $15.00 for an individual, $25.00 for a family, or $50.00 for an organization (such as a county beekeeping club). Memberships are based on the calendar year, and are due each January 1st.

Download an Informational Brochure About Mass Bee Here. This brochure contains interesting bee facts as well as info about the benefits of joining Mass Bee.

Please either Download the Mass Bee Membership Form Here and mail it along with the appropriate payment to:

MBA Memberships, 425 North Avenue, Weston MA 02493

Or for credit card transactions please either Join Here to become a new member or Renew Here to renew or check your membership.

Mass Bee Spring 2023 Meeting

Come join our hosts in Essex County on March 18th at the historic Topsfield Fairgrounds.

Hosted by:

  • Essex County Beekeepers Association
  • Massachusetts Beekeepers Association

Essex County Beekeepers Association, Coolidge Hall
Topsfield Fairgrounds, 207 Boston Street, U.S. Route 1, Topsfield, MA 01983



Dr. Kim Skyrm our Chief Apiary Inspector from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) Apiary Program will be giving us an update on the Apiary Program's plans and events for 2023. MDAR

Dr. David Peck from BetterBee and Cornell University will be giving presentations on extended-release oxalic acidand varroa history, biology, and year-round management.

From Professor Lynn Adler's lab at the University of Massachusetts; Dr. Jenny VanWyk and PhD student Seanne Clemente will be giving presentations.


Vendor Vendor Note

BetterBee Free shipping of your order to the meeting.

Dadant & Sons Dadant is offering a 10% discount (and free shipping) on Pre-Meeting orders CALLED INTO the Pennsylvania Dadant office. To place your orders call 570- 980-9831. Space is limited so place your orders EARLY!

Dr. Bill's Bees - The Glove Guy Free shipping of your order to the meeting.

Union Bee Company Union, CT. Free shipping of your order to the meeting.

Solution Bee Raleigh, NC Free shipping of your order to the meeting.

Monthly Club Meeting with Guest Speaker Alexandra Bartsch, Lexington Bee Co., Topic: Swarm Control

Wednesday, March 22nd, 7-9pm

228 High Street

Hanson, MA

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WoodenWare Assembly Workshop #1

Saturday, March 25th, 10am-4pm

228 High Street

Hanson, MA

Need guidance assembling your new hive equipment? Join us for a 2-day workshop to assist members in assembling their hive bodies, supers and frames. Bring wood glue, carpenters square if you have one, hammer and the nails/pins/hardware that you purchased with your new hive equipment. We provide the power tools, compressor, jigs and assembly assistance.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

WoodenWare Assembly Workshop #2

Sunday, March 26th, 10am-4pm

228 High Street

Hanson, MA

Day 2 of of WoodenWare Workshop

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Test your bee knowledge with our crossword puzzle!

Click the link to access the puzzle online, or print the page and use the ol’ pencil and eraser!

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Science Spotlight

Interesting study on how malnourishment during the larval stage has detrimental affects on lifespan, foraging and waggle dancing as adult bees. Click on the link below to read about their findings