Come to Our Event!!

Zuni Indians Celebration

Come to Our Special Celebration!

Come and join us for a celebration of our harvested food. We will have everything from corn to killed meat. We will have music, a bonfire, and definitely a huge feast. Come and enjoy yourselves with everyone else!

Harvest Feast

Tuesday, Sep. 7th 1543 at 7:30pm

Zuni River Valley

Bring anything you grew in your garden this year! Bring your whole family with you to celebrate with us at our feast. Dress nice and have nice manners.


7:30 p.m.- Everyone arrives

8:00 p.m.- Start a bonfire

8:30 p.m.- Serve the feast

9:00 p.m.- Play music, dance, and have a good time

12:00 a.m.- Everyone leaves

Zuni Tribe

We do parties for any event. We mainly do feasts or hunting parties. We sponsor and kind of American Indian tribe. We would love for you to visit our website for more information about us!! :)

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