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In the world of your little SIGlets

Your children, in conjunction with our hard working and inspiring staff, have successfully created a wonder world of learning and activity - all underscored by a Harry Potter theme which provides the perfect balance of healthy competition, critical problem solving, and good, plain fun!

As a parent of former SIGlets, it fills my heart to the brim to see the joy spilling about our Amherst-SIG world. In the words of Albus Dumbledore, "Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open." I can assure you there are only open hearts and minds within and surrounding your children as they move forward together each day toward the same aim of developing their gifts and talents.

Sally McKellip
SIG Site Director

The academic component is the heart of the SIG program, and what a passionate heart we have here at SIG-Amherst! Thirteen talented, dynamic instructors are taking your children everywhere from the schools of philosophy to polynomials to the butterfly stroke and self defense maneuvers. The classrooms are buzzing with discussion and activity, and the evening tutorial time is palpable with a sense of purpose. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your children!

Chuck Timlin
SIG Amherst Academic Dean

We here at the SIG, Amherst have had quite a fun and productive week! Between classes, recreation hour, trips and fun evening activities, your student may have been too busy to communicate with you, so we thought we’d update you on all SIG happenings of the past week:

On Saturday, our students and staff went to Boston, where everyone participated in walking the Freedom Trail and ended the day in the Quincy Market area of Boston. The students enjoyed the history of the location, and also getting to go shopping.

On Tuesday evening, the students enjoyed making their own wizard broom during counselor activity time to prepare themselves for the largest Quidditch game in Amherst history to take place on Wednesday evening. On Friday evening, the students all participated in Brain Bowl where the houses competed against one another for house points and to see which wizards would be the ultimate Brain Bowl Champions.

On Thursday and Saturday evenings, we took a break from the cafeteria and enjoyed Subway sandwiches and pizza from Antonio’s right here in Amherst. The students got to enjoy eating out on the quad, socializing together and playing Frisbee. The weather has been a little rainy, but we’re all far too busy having fun and learning to notice!

Wendy Calvert

Amherst Student Life Dean


Student Talent Show – Sunday, July 27, 7:30pm Keefe Campus Center, Friedmann Room 200

Theatre Performance Night – Thursday, July 31, 7:30pm Keefe Campus Center, Friedmann Room 200

Closing Ceremony – Friday, August 1, 4:45pm Buckley Recital Hall

Campus checkout – Saturday, August 2 before 12:00 noon

We look forward to seeing you at these SIGsational events!


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