Alice Paul

Civil Rights Lawyer

Aims to devote time to helping others fight for their own justice after their own rights have been violated.

Personal Info

  • Born on January 11, 1885
  • Committed to the women's suffrage campaign
  • American social reformer
  • Founder of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage which became the National Woman's party
  • Values equality between the sexes
  • Brought up in a Quaker family

American Social Reformer

  • Committed to women's freedom
  • Values equality between the sexes

Motivated women in the fight fight for Woman's Suffrage.

  • Took leadership over women and guided them to victory.
  • Organized many events to help the women campaign for Women's Suffrage.
  • Unified women together.
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Experienced with working with people in large numbers and improving the way people accomplish things

  • Organized an entire parade for women's suffrage.
  • Participated in militant strategies of British feminism in Britain.
  • Had some leadership of NAWSA's (National American Woman Suffrage Association) Congressional Committee. Began the campaign for a constitutional amendment.
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Accomplished many things for the fight for women's equal rights

  • Worked tirelessly to get the president's support for the suffrage amendment.
  • Secured equal rights for women in employment in 1964.
  • Drafted an Equal Rights Amendment and introduced it to Congress in 1923.
  • Had many notable gains for women's rights when she was a chairman of the Nationality Committee of the Inter-American Commission on Women during the 1930's to 1940's.
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