1st Impressions Team

April 22, 2013

Remaining Hostess Rewards from shows Oct. 23, 2012 and earlier will expire tonight. Check back to your past hostesses and make sure they've picked out their goodies for FREE and 1/2 off. We want our hostesses looking fabulous so they can spread the word about your business in style!

8 More Days for the New Sign-Up Special!

Would you like to layer that income, gain points for our Glam Getaway, work with a friend or relative or do you know someone else who'd LOVE this opportunity? Give her a call today or tomorrow and share the wealth. There's no better time to sign up! Time block an hour this week to reach out and tell someone why you think SHE'D be great at what you do :)

Invite your potentials to listen into Jessica's Prospective Call on Thursday:



And, as you would expect when you introduce a whole new product category, there are a few things you can't plan - specifically which styles and / or colours will be the biggest sellers.

So, please watch Jessica and Anita's video in the Lounge as well as read the news posting. But, I just wanted to share some important clarifications that Anita shared on Facebook that will likely answer many of your questions:

#1 - No Backorders or Future Ship on bags or companions pieces.

Our message is to convey that a) we will not do back orders, so be sure to check the PA on the day of your trunk show. b) a few items will come back in stock over the next few weeks but in limited quantities ( about 1-2 weeks worth).

Our best advice is to check the PA prior to your trunk show and only offer what's currently available.

#2 - Orders placed before the items were sold out will be fulfilled with the date provided in the PA.

The Classic and the Chelsea Tech Wallet in Navy Stripe WILL come back in stock in a few weeks (in limited quantity). All of these items will also come back in stock in July and won't be discontinued.

The following items will come back in stock at some point prior to fall launch:
  • The Classic
  • Chelsea Tech Wallet in navy stripe
  • Pouf in elephant and zebra
  • Hang On in navy ikat.

The HDSDI in Navy Stripe as well as any other item that goes out of stock that are not listed above WILL NOT come back until the fall launch in July.

#3 - Words to say for your customers and hostesses

If you are talking to a hostess or a customer out advice is to:

a) offer her a product available today! We have a ton of cute items that are similar to the items they are asking for

b) let her know that these are runaway hits and she has great taste! These will come back in July and a few will be in stock in May but for a short time*

C) sell her your sample!

*if her heart is set on a piece that will come back in May then you can start a wish list and check the PA and lounge news as we will let you know and you can place the order then (but, personally, I would not even bring them up based on this crazy sell-through).

#4 - Ensure your customer still gets the Delight Guarantee when you sell your sample.

When you sell your sample, our advice is that you are placing an order for a full price replacement using her credit card and having the ship address be yours (thereby charging her card for the full price and getting your replacement). So you will have this documented proof if you do need to return/exchange.

If you have any more questions please DO NOT CALL CUSTOMER CARE. They do not have the up-to-the-minute stock information to answer your questions.

Please feel free to send my an email at clmcgraw@gmail.com or post in our FB group and I will do my best to update you and answer your questions.

Cheers and Good Selling!

Jessica's Got a Secret!!!!!!

Want to go for the rewards whatever they are? Please join in on a Home Office BOOKING BLITZ this week--and there are many!

All I know is that we will want to front load our May with shows in the 1st two weeks to reap the rewards so let's bond together, pump ourselves up, and book those shows! For those who join in any blitz, you'll be entered into a raffle for a pack of Summer Mini Lookbooks and a utility tote to help market your business AND you'll be moving your trunk show calendar in a great direction!

Check your local Stella & Dot Facebook page for many different times and dates. There's sure to be one that fits your schedule. This is the one I'll be doing:

Booking Blitz w/Senior Director Carla Greengrass, THURSDAY, 4/25, 12pm

April 25 at 12:00pm

(605) 475-4825; 651006#

***Must post which Blitz you'll be participating in and one quick takeaay on our 1st Impressions FB Page to be included in the raffle. The drawing will be held at the end of the week.

NEW ENGLAND STYLISTS: Save-the-Date for Tuesday, May 7th!

Danielle is coming to distrbute hugs, offer levity, and douse us with training!

That's right--an event you won't want to miss! Come for the styling, training, and all-out laughs with Danielle herself! Tuesday, May 7th.

“Cocktails with Danielle” Booking & Sponsoring Challenge:
Ever wanted to get ‘up close & personal’ with Danielle?

Book/Hold 5 Trunk Shows between April 1st-May 5th (so anything you've done so far in April counts) and Sponsor 1 by May 5th and you’ll earn a highly coveted spot at this invite-only, no-host “Cocktails with Danielle” on Tuesday evening! Fill out the survey below to qualify:


6:00-7:00 pm: Meet Stella & Dot

7:00-9:00 pm: Team meeting with Danielle Redner

Please register today: http://newenglandaprilmonthlymeeting.eventbrite.com/#

Boston Marriott Newton
2345 Commonwealth Ave
Newton, MA 02466

NEW STYLIST TRAINING WEBINAR on Wednesday, 4/24 at 12-12:30pm ET / 9-9:30 PT

Are you a new stylist ready to get your business going with gusto? Are you a seasoned stylist who'd like to brush up on the new Jumpstart elements? Join our Home Office for a key rundown on the nuts and bolts. Register here:


Early Bird Hoopla Registration has been extended to May 5th!

I'm SOOO excited for us to experience this incredibly rewarding adventure together. Here's the list of our 1st Impressions Teammates who've already registered. Who's looking for a roommate?!:

Carrie McGraw

Angela Killian

Aree Wichman

Brittney Block

Cathy Balanoff

Dawn Maynor

Deborah Tranten

Deborah Brosnan

Ginger Pingree

Jaime Kemper

Janice Stifler

Julie Lutz

karen sturgis

Katie Dreher

Kim Bender

Kimberly Boeschen Ribich

Kristen Weiss

Kristina Whalley

Marnie Kamensky

Melissa Spiers

Michelle Whitney

Pamela Thomas

Patricia Butler

Randee Kushner

Rebecca Mass

Rosemarie Connell

Sarah Pearsall



She's currently # 2 in the Top Performers board company-wide in sales and has just had a show selling over $10,000!!!

And a huge CONGRATS to those who've already promoted this month!!! Way to go!!!!

Ashley Nickerson USA Lead Stylist

Kate Stone USA Lead Stylist

Michelle niemi USA Lead Stylist


As a Bostonian, I am wearing my Liberty bracelet proudly these days. This *is* the cradle of liberty, after all! I will be donating all sales of this gorgeous bracelet to the onefundboston.org to benefit all of those who are suffering and have worked tirelessly in the aftermath of this horrific week. A pretty little reminder that we can all show our pride and do our part to help.