June 2022 – Volume XXXVIII– Issue 9


Meeting Location: West Freeway Church of Christ

1900 S. Las Vegas Trail Fort Worth, TX 76108

President: Molly Risewick 817-721-0500

President-Elect: Wanda Edmunds 682-560-9101


Next meeting: June 21st 6:30

New feature:

At the May Board meeting, I suggested that we start a Members’ Corner feature in the newsletter as a means of getting to know each other better. I am hoping that it will provide short articles about our members and listings of members who provide specific services. I would welcome volunteers to participate in writing and also volunteers to be interviewed for future newsletters. I hope to include more than one interview in each issue with a mix of long-time and short-time members. If you want to help, please sent me an email or text ( 817 312 2960).

Member services will include only names and contact information. It will help us when someone asks us – “do you know anyone who ________”

The Member Service list for July will be a listing of current members who do long-arm quilting for others. If you provide a long-arm service, please text your name and preferred contact information to me at 817 312 2960. Also indicate if you restrict your services only to friends, I will need the information by the end of the month.

Sarah Tutt

Notes from the President

June Newsletter

Hello fellow quilters! One of the things I love most about belonging to a quilt guild is the people I have met and become friends with who share this love of quilting. I have spent many moments since finding out about Debbie Miles’ health situation and then her passing, thinking about the kind of person Debbie was. Many of you knew her so much better than I did, but for those of you who are new to the guild and did not get a chance to meet her, Debbie did not know a stranger. She was kind, thoughtful, compassionate, creative, reliable, and good-natured. When you walked away from talking to Debbie, you felt good, having just shared a nice moment with a friend. I hope that you all will take a moment to think about whatever and whomever it is that you cherish that keeps you returning to the Fort Worth Quilt

Guild. Remember to reach out to members you haven’t seen lately and check in on them to see how they are doing.

If you don’t feel particularly connected to anyone at the guild, I highly recommend that you look at what committee positions or board positions need to be filled. There is no better way to get to know other members than by being involved. We always need your help and your ideas.

Speaking of getting involved, it is time to start thinking about nominating people for

the new board. Please consider one of the follow positions: secretary, vice president (programs), president elect. You will hear more from SarahTutt at our June meeting.

I will be visiting family in NY during the week of our June meeting, so I look forward

to seeing you in July. I hope you all enjoy the garage sale. Anyone with questions

about the garage sale should contact Thayne Rooney at:

Stay cool and stay inside and sew something during the 100 degree temperatures

we are going to be having.

See you soon,



Please do not bring anything for the free table in June.

We will not have show and tell in June.


The board meetings are on the 1st Monday of the month via Zoom link starting at 6:30 pm. If you have something that needs to be brought to the board’s attention or would like a link to the meeting, please contact a board member. Board meetings are open to all, but only board members may vote.

Upcoming Program: Sewing Room Sale

At our June meeting, we will have our annual Garage Sale! There are still plenty of tables left so let me know if you would like one! Hollis Threads and Dave Beers will be there with their wares so that will be fun! Please bring small bills and change to make it easier for our "vendors".

In July, we will host Kathy Groves from Bobkat Quilts. Kathy is a certified Judy Niemeyer instructor so you can expect to learn some tips about paper piecing. I encourage you to go to her website,, to see all the interesting things she is up to!

In August, we will not meet as many of us will be deep into the North Texas Quilt Festival. If you haven't figured out how to volunteer yet, let me know and I can hook you up with someone who would love your help!



Our membership is continuing to grow! We added three new members to the roll at the May meeting. Please continue to invite interested friends to come to a meeting with you so they can learn about our guild.

$25 for 65 and older
$30 for younger than 65
Free for 80 and older with 10 years of membership in guild

Membership Co-Chairs,
Judi Janes and Carolyn Hughes


June is a busy month. Everyone is busy finishing their quilts for the North Texas Quilt Festival. We have Father’s Day and Summer begins. However we have had “summer “ temperatures for several days. The kids are out of school so we can enjoy spending time with the grandchildren. So much to do, so little time.

June Birthdays
6-04. Karen Wisman
6-10. Dianne McGee
6-12. Nanda Hall
6-13. Marilyn Smith
6-20. Margie Peyton
6-23. Wanda Edmonds
6-28. Judy Turner

Karen Holder, Marilyn Smith
Hospitality Committee

Member's Corner- Beverly Peterson

Beverly Peterson is a founding member of FWQG. She remembers fondly early sit and sew events and the hints she got from Bev Ramsey as they sewed together. She painted a hard hat with a crazy quilt design for Bev Ramsey. Bev wore that and a tool belt when she presented Bev’s Tool Time Tips at monthly meetings. Beverly also remembers a shop hop bus trip and was amazed at the amount of fabric some of her fellow guild members bought.

Beverly remembers watching her mother sew and one day when she was about 12 and her mother was out shopping, Beverly got the needed supplies from her mother’s stash and proceeded to make herself a blouse. By the time her mother returned, it was done except for the collar. From there, Beverly refined her skills and made clothing for herself and her sister. She didn’t begin quilting until her daughter was pregnant with the first grandchild. Then Beverly remembered a quilt her aunt had made for her brother and she wanted to do the same for her grandchild. Fortunately, her aunt still had the pattern, which she gave to Beverly so that she could begin her quilting adventure. Since then, Beverly has made many quilts and is particularly fond of scrappy quilts which provide her with many creative options.

Other creative endeavors which Beverly enjoys are painting, cooking, and working in her yard, Beverly is proud of all of her children and grandchildren and is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her second great-grandchild.

North Texas Quilt Show Booth

NTQF Booth, August 18-20, 2022

Irving Convention Center.

NTQF Booth

Thanks for all the wonderful items already donated to the booth. Keep sewing! We would like quality, unique items over quantity.

The money we make from our booth is pure profit. It helps pay for our quality programs.

I am still looking for volunteers to work the booth. Please find me at the guild meeting to sign up for a slot.

I need 2 people for each of the following times:

Wednesday afternoon for set up.

Thursday afternoon 2:00 to 4:00

Friday afternoon 2:00 to 4:00

Saturday morning 10:00 to 12:00

Saturday afternoon 1:00 to 3:00

Saturday clean up 3:00 to 5:00. (You can pick your quilts up after that)

Hopefully there won't be much to clean up!

Remember, when you are at the show, visit the booth and see if someone needs a break. Please don't arrange to meet others here as we only have a small booth and need it open for our customers. Thanks for understanding.

Questions? Call or text me.




Secret Quilt Buddies has been put on Hold for now

HUGS quilts

I won't be at the June meeting, but I will be at July's meeting with kits and detailed instructions on how to complete the quilt top with backing and binding.

Thanks to all who are participating.

Mary Lou


Start a Bee

One of the most fun parts of belonging to a Guild is getting to know other quilters. But, there aren’t many opportunities to actually get to SEW and learn from one another, except in a bee. Most of the guild bees have been around for many years and don’t have openings for many newcomers. If you want to get know more of your fellow members, start a new bee!

General Guidelines

  • 7-9 members. Start with the people sitting near you at Guild or advertise in the bee section of the newsletter, or on the FB page.
  • A place to meet: dining room table, living room, playroom, apartment clubhouse, nearby church… You may want to rotate hosting among those with enough space.
  • Monthly meeting time for 1.5-4 hours. Some groups may also have periodic all-day project days or retreats.
  • Some groups organize around a common interest: appliqué, modern, art, charity projects, while some are based on proximity.
  • Start simply and see how the group’s dynamics play out through time. There are lots of activity ideas online.


On Star Wars Day, quilt bee members Carolyn Hughes, Barbara Anderson, Cecillia Villa, Grace Stroud, Judi Janes, Peggie Herring, Chris Tomich and Pat Wagers met at the home of Cheri Bigham. Gillian Coleman was in the process of moving to her new hanger/house in Canton. Patty Ford was (and still is) recovering from major back surgery. Both were missed.

Carolyn Hughes said she and her sister Barbara went to the Sunday grand opening of the new quilt shop, Hollis Threads, in Azle. After complaining about never winning a door prize, you guessed it, Carolyn won a $25 gift certificate and a pressing mat.

During Show ‘N’ Tell, Grace showed a sunflower mini quilt, a Hawaiian Hibiscus wall hanging and a dog quilt. “Prolific Chris” showed pin cushions made for the quilt show booth, fish costumes made for her granddaughter’s class play, a princess quilt made for her granddaughter as well as 19 pillowcases made for Safe Haven. Each member of the group made at least two pillowcases. In total, 37 pillowcases were subsequently delivered to Berry Good Buys to go to Safe Haven. Our bee has had this project of making pillowcases for several years. Each person makes at least four a year. This year we are also collecting women’s and children’s socks to donate also to Safe Haven.

Cheri served us slider sandwiches and pineapple angel food cake on real china with real forks, not plastic, and cloth napkins. Cecillia was presented her birthday fabrics, one half yard of “low volume” quilt fabric from each of us. Grace won all of the striped fat quarters playing Left/Right/Center.

Submitted by Judi Janes


Bev Ramsey was a charter member of the guild, a past president, teacher, and friend. We lost her way too early. The fund was set up to help those in need to be able to enjoy the things she loved very much, retreats and workshops.


Our first award ceremony is scheduled for 3PM on June 26th, at Hollis Threads Quilt Shop in Lake Worth. There will be limited seating, but everyone is invited. Suzanne DiCarlo will be conducting the ceremony.

I have preprinted labels and backing fabric that has been donated for the Quilts of Valor.

If you have any questions or have a quilt to donate, please give me a call at 817-480-7606

Cecilia Buckholz

QOVF volunteer


NICU Quilts

I brought quite a stack of quilts to JPS on May 20th. They loved the NICU, but were also thrilled with the heart pillows for mastectomy patients. And most thrilled by the fidget quilts! They have a great need for those for their dementia patients. Sadly, I can't remember who made the pillows and fidget quilts, but thank you, thank you! I'm now inspired to start collecting stuff to put on fidget quilts and putting those together. One article I read suggested on working on several simultaneously. I confess I purchased one for my mother.

A representative from JPS will be joining us at our July meeting to thank us for our efforts.

Julie Hedden

Raffle Quilt

The raffle quilt is currently on display at Patti’s Last Resort Quilt Shop in Acton. If you’re in the area, stop by and tell them hello and thank them for supporting our Guild. They will be happy to sell you a few raffle tickets!


It's very hard to lose one of our own. Debbie Miles was a kind person and active member of our guild.


June 23 from 12-3 at the Church Angels Funeral Home

6301 Granbury Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76133

Phone: 817 403-9691

Minutes from May Meeting

President, Molly Risewick called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Jonquele Jones made a motion to accept the minutes as published in the newsletter. Judy Turner 2nd the motion and all were in favor.

Old Business: Members voted to accept the amendment to the Treasurers report.

New Business: No new business.

NICU Quilts

Julie Hedden will be taking NICU quilts to the hospital this Friday. If you have any to donate, see her before then.

Quilt Show Booth

Dee Ramirez and Lynda McGee are accepting items for the Guild booth.

Mini Quilt’s

Jonquele will send out a link for registering your Quilt Show mini’s.

Quilt Show

Dorene Agustyn reminded everyone to get their quilts entered for the Quilt Show. There are only 17 quilts entered by nine members so far.

Lynda McGee, Dorene Agustyn and Molly Risewick volunteered to drop off and pick up quilts for members.
Dorene will send out a link for volunteers at the Quilt Show.

Raffle Quilt

The Raffle Quilt is currently on display at Hollis Threads, the new quilt shop in Lake Worth. There are still plenty of raffle tickets for sale. The drawing is November 15, 2022. Be sure to turn in your tickets and money.


June will be the Guild Garage Sale. Members are encouraged to sign up for a table. They are $10 for a full table and $5 for half a table.

In July, Kathy Groves, a Judy Neimeyer Certified teacher, will present a trunk show of her quilts.

August is the Quilt Show

Sunshine and Shadows

Ann Houpt had no news to share.


Forty two members signed in and we had 2 visitors.

Show and Tell (no slips were available, so some details may not be included)

Molly showed two quilts. The first was a mini she made for the auction. The second was a small lap quilt made from hand-pieced Grandmothers Flower Garden blocks she picked up at a garage sale.

Jennifer Hollis showed a large quilt called Sanctuary Star, in peach and black fabrics.

Cheryl Russell showed a dahlia quilt.

Sue Hilgardner showed “Heartbeat”, a quilt she made for a friend who is the heartbeat of her family. Sue made it with orange batiks because that’s the friends favorite color.

Cynthia Barnett showed two Quilts of Valor she pieced and quilted for Veterans.

Ann Houpt showed a Quilt of Valor that she pieced and Linda McGee quilted.

Nancy Houston showed an art quilt of a dog that she pieced and quilted.

Karen Weisman showed a quilt she finished since retiring. She also made a tank runner and a small Texas mini.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05

2020-2021 Board and Committees


President- Molly Risewick 817-721-0500

President Elect- Wanda Edmunds 682-560-9101
Vice President- Thayne Rooney 817-223-3982
Vice- President- Shelley Clauss 817-994-0195
Secretary- Cecelia Buckholz 817-480-7606
Treasurer- Karen Wiesman
Member at Large- Sue Hilgardner 817-308-5472
Member at Large-Lynda McGee

Past President/Parliamentarian - Sarah Tutt 817 312 2960


Communications t

Door Prizes

Greeter Nancy Smith 817-996-6819

Hospitality Marilyn Smith 817-917-9294


NICU Julia Hedden 817.797.6109

HUGS Mary Lou Nelson

Lovies Beverly Peterson 817-346-0321

Membership Judi Janes 817-292-3948

Membership Carolyn Hughes 817-737-0997

Newsletter Julie Hedden 817-797-6109

President's Quilt

President's Quilt

Quilt Buddies Lori Darley 858-883-5674

Quilt Show Rep

Quilt Show Rep

Quilt Show Volunteer coordinator

Quilt Show t-shirts

Quilt Show Tickets

Quilt Show Minis

Quilt Show Booth Gillian Coleman 817 269 5158;

Raffle Quilt

Raffle Quilt Tickets

Retreats Karen Rhyneer 817-597-0484

Show N Tell

Sunshine / Shadows

WebMaster Dorene Augustyn 817-995-5740

Smore Administrator Shelley Clauss 817-994-0195

Newsletter Ads

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in placing an advertisement in our newsletter you can contact us by email:

Rates for Ads are $5.00 for Members and $10.00 for Non-members. to be paid thru PayPal

The Very Thoughtful Quilter

Still taking limited number of quilts to quilt before August quilt show!

Check out my website for lists of upcoming classes, and information about my longarm services.

3 machines for sale to re-coup expenses for studio expansion. We accept credit cards, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, checks ... or cash.

1. Bernina 480 $2300. 3 years old, 9 mm stitches, jumbo bobbin, automated thread cutter and knot feature. (One owner, (me), purchased at and maintained by Berry Patch Fabrics)

2. 1953 Black Featherweight from Scotland. $400. Refurbished by Nova's Featherweights. Original case, a few feet and step down electrical converter

3. 1960's Celery featherweight $400 No case Great shape

Nancy Houston d.b.a The Very Thoughtful Quilter

203 Pecan Dr

Aledo, TX 76008