Shantay Roberts


"Assessments is not about you as a teacher, it is about your students" (Lopez, D. 2013)

Assessment is often equated and confused with evaluation, but the two concepts and different. Assessment is used to determine what a student knows, or can do, while evaluation is used to determine the worth or value of a course or program. (Herman& Knuth, 1991). It is appropriate to me when doing an assessment is you should know the strongest and weakness of the student and work in the area they are strong at I look at a lot of classroom teacher when they do assessment and to me the teacher is the one who is very upset and nervous most of the misuse and abuse of classroom assessment that makes the student the victim fall under the category of using its as an instrument of threat which don’t always work for some student threat student threat seem to focus attempting to alter student behavior improve student performance.

But when classroom assessment is used in a threat such as “If you do poorly on this test, the retake will really be hard” or “This test will show us if you are really trying” or “I made this test really hard so you guys better be ready”. These statements rarely motivate student to improve or even to try harder. They represent the common mistaken belief that the threat of failure somehow promotes success in students.

Assessment Concerns

I think the student would do a lot better on the assessment if the teacher can develop quality assessment and determine the purpose of the assessment. A lot of teacher mess up when they do assessment a lot of them don’t really know what the purpose of the assessment the only time teachers is concern and have knowledge is when they or doing an assessment of learning with the student this is to inform only the teacher and others outside the classroom the progress at the time of the assessment of learning.


Lopez, D. (2013). No excuses university: How six exceptional systems are revolutionizing our schools (2nd ed.). Turnaround Schools Publications.