The Ririe Report

September 20, 2019

Constitution Day

In honor of Constitution Day (September 17th) we spent the week learning about our Constitution. Students used their best writing to copy the preamble onto parchment paper. To add some authenticity to the experience they wrote by "candle light" (lamps). We also learned that the preamble was meant to be the introduction to this great document.

I've challenged my students to memorize the preamble, and they were pretty excited because those who participate will be entered into a raffle to win a special pen.

Novel Study

The students are really enjoying Esperanza Rising. It is a beautiful story about a young girl who experiences great changes in her life. Early in the story, Esperanza's Abuelita is teaching her how to crochet. She is making a blanket with an up and down pattern which comes to signify the changes (ups and downs) of Esperanza's life.

I learned how to crochet when I was a little girl - an elderly next door neighbor patiently taught me. So I brought a crochet needle and yarn to class so the kids could watch me crochet. I told them I would crochet a scarf for one lucky winner. I also brought in a crocheted blanket which has the same pattern as the blanket Esperanza's grandmother was teaching her how to make. The kids love it.


Please remember that my students will have homework every single week unless I inform you otherwise. Most of my homework is done online, but sometimes, I will also do a paper/pencil homework.