iBooks Author: Social Studies

History of Sanger Texas Project

iBooks Author: Social Studies

We will be using iBooks Author to create a multi gesture iBook about the history of Sanger Texas that looks at the question, "What is important about the history of Sanger, Texas?" This project will mirror similar projects that we may have students do in the classroom.

Demo Content

Please download the demo content from the link below.


Sanger Texas Then and Now

You will need to conduct research looking at a variety of resources including the internet, primary resources, and field research to create a multi-gesture iBook looking at the history of Sanger, Texas. Your iBook will need three, brief chapters and contain historical data and facts, current information, as well as the following media resources: at least 5 widgets containing some of the following: picture galleries, videos, a keynote, or multiple choice questions. Additional widgets including YouTube videos, interactive timelines, and drawing maps which can be located at http://bookry.com.

Historical Resources

Web links and photo links

You may use any of the links below or any of the primary resources in our training room to gather information about Sanger, Texas.