Trash Bash

one-carload per household limit

  • Please line up in your vehicles on Meadows Blvd.
  • Please bring your Meadows Pool Fob, Drivers License or a bill with current Meadows address to prove residency.
  • Once at the dumpster, unload your items and drive off. YOU MUST UNLOAD AND PUT YOUR OWN ITEMS INTO THE DUMPSTER
  • Do not use a dumpster that is already in use. Wait in your car until a dumpster becomes available.
  • One-carload per household limit
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Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Date: Saturday, May 8

Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

We will not allow early drop-offs. The Grange parking lot will not be available for "waiting" as we need to leave it open for vendors to arrive.

We will have traffic control at the intersection of The Grange entrance will remove cones and begin allowing cars in at 10:00 am. Cars may line up in the “left turning lane” into The Grange prior to the event. That will be the only entrance line into The Grange.

Location: The Grange Parking Lot (3692 Meadows Blvd., Castle Rock, CO)

Spring is here and The Meadows Neighborhood Company has created an event to make your spring cleaning much easier! The event is free but it is only open to Meadows Residents. Participants will need to bring their pool fob or driver’s license with a Meadows address to verify their residency. It will be held in The Grange parking lot and we will have multiple stations available to handle all of your spring cleaning needs. Please note the event is on a first come, first served basis. Due to demand of this event and the growing community, we have a one-carload per-household limit. If we reach capacity at a drop off station we may

not be able to accept your items.

Below is a list of our drop off stations with what we can and cannot accept.

Items we CAN accept

Paper Shredding – A mobile paper shredding truck will be on site where you can watch your documents get shredded. There is a limit of 3 banker’s sized cardboard boxes per person.

Electronic Recycling – A truck will be available that can recycle old electronics such as computers, laptops, printers, and cell phones. This station cannot accept T.V.’s or large appliances.

Trash – There will be several large trash bins available to accommodate your general trash. We can accept items such as old furniture and mattresses along with general trash. Information on what can’t be thrown away in these bins is listed below. You must unload your own items and put into the dumpsters so they are completely inside the dumpster. Do not leave any items on the ground or hanging over the edge of the container.

Project Recycle Bike Drive – We will be working in collaboration with Project Recycle who is a local nonprofit organization that provides bikes to underprivileged families. If you have a used bicycle you no longer want please consider donating it.

Medication Drop Off Site – The Castle Rock Police Department will be hosting a booth where you can safely dispose of prescription medications, over the counter medications, ointments, and pet medications. They cannot accept liquids, radioactive medications, needles, aerosol

cans, thermometers, or illegal drugs. They suggest that you place medications in a plastic baggie and that you mark out your name and identifying information on the prescription bottles.

Recycling – A large recycling container will be on site where you can recycle most of your household items. All cardboard must be broken down and flattened before it is put in this container. Information on what can’t be thrown away in this bin is listed below.

Items We Cannot Accept

Donation Items: Due to donation trucks/companies not offering their special event services anymore, we will not be able to accept donation items. Castle Rock now has a Goodwill store just a few miles up the road. If you have donation items, please plan to take them to the Goodwill store. 335 Barranca Dr., Castle Rock, CO 80104. Due to COVID, Goodwill may be closed or have restrictions.

No TV’s of any kind. – Electronic Recycle cannot accept T.V.s and they are not allowed in the dumpsters.

Additional Items Not Accepted: Hazardous waste or chemicals of any kind, soil, sod, rocks, uncut or untied branches (all branches must be cut into 4 foot lengths or less and tied together in a bundle no more than 12 inches in diameter; and leaves and grass clippings need to be bagged), bricks, concrete, building materials, auto parts, liquid waste, fire extinguishers,

propane tanks, refrigerators or freezers with freon, paint, stains, insecticides, tires, and car batteries. Microwaves cannot go into the dumpsters and will not be accepted at the electronic recycle. Please visit click here for how to dispose of a microwave.

This is not a chemical roundup. If you have paint, chemicals or related items, please visit for the list of local community roundups.

There may be other items that are not accepted at the discretion of the Meadows Neighborhood Company.

Special Note: Due to demand of this event and the growing community, we have a one-carload-per-household limit. This event is intended to be used for the benefit of the Meadows residents. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is “abusing the system” which would result in our resources not being available for everyone. This determination is at the discretion of the Meadows Neighborhood Company.

Items NOT accepted in the dumpsters

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Complete List of items not accepted in Rolloffs

Additional Questions

Please Call The Grange 303-814-2358