The Giving Tree

By: Olivia, Emma C., and Emma B.

The Giving Tree

How it all began,

The Howard-Suamico Giving Tree saw kids not able to pay field trips not having warm clothing or even shoes to wear not even school snacks or school supplies ect. Teachers and staff would try to find resources for these students, But it was not enough and the need got bigger than they were able to handle. In 2007, after many weekends of seeing families having rummage sales because they could not afford clothes,food, and school snacks thanks to three social workers, a school councilor and the ELL Cordnator to create a program to help families in need.

It all started because

Some families need money to keep a floor at there feet and a roof above and three social workers and a councilor said people should not be living like this we need to help them.

The ​Development of idea

​Families were having rummage sales just too put food on there tables so some social workers and a councilor started The Giving Tree.

What is it like now

​The Giving Tree has 198 families registered and 430 kids registered and they serve about 100 families a month with food. Some families do not like to use the pantry for food, but other things they offer is summer school payment, and a holiday store only for Christmas.

How long has the Howard-Sumaico Giving Tree

2008 to the present how long is that you ask?

Answer(6 years)

There education

Most of the workers have a ​college education and/or a degree in social work also counseling.

Obstacles faced

​Obstacles were truly tough getting food into the community so they realized that they needed a new system. With homes over two million dollars, many people saw Howard-Suamico as only wealthy families. But that is not the case.
​Is the foundation primarily global, national, state or local,?

The Giving Tree is Local right now but there are many different other Giving Trees around.

The Giving Tree has a ​great impact on community hundreds of partnerships between businesses, churches, families, student etc. Are making more people aware of the need of families and students in our area.

The foundation helps out the community because they give people food that can’t afford it and they give the fruits and veggies that the babies and children and adults. They also give parenting classes. They pay for the kids summer school classes. They provide a holiday store for parents to get children presents for Christmas.

The founders

Kourtney Feldhausen and Maureen Mommaerts

And they hired many others