Congratulations Graduates!

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The Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association is a non-profit organization that helps children and youth be effective communicators, deep thinkers, and engaged community members.
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Congratulations to all our 2020 Graduates!

Congratulations to all graduating members of debate clubs. We are so grateful we were able to complete our regular debate season and celebrate with you at provincials. We are sorry you will not be able to finish your senior year in schools with your classmates and teachers. We hope that any online learning you are doing is engaging your passion for learning and expanding your mind. We are confident the skills you have learned while debating will help you excel in all your future endeavours. Remember, words are powerful!

Carlton High School

Jarica G.

Centennial Collegiate

Rohit K.

Zach F.

École Canadienne-Française-Pavillon Gustav-Dubois

Janie M. (pictured)

Luther College High School

Josh S.

Jasnoor G.

William L.

Jasmine W.

North Battleford Comprehensive High School

Ishita M.

Regina Huda School

Ahmed S. (pictured)

Saad. S. (pictured)

Aroba K.

Swift Current Comprehensive High School

Julianna S.

Walter Murray Collegiate

Nathan G. (pictured)

Mueez R. (pictured)

“It is absolutely still possible to make a difference. The great moments of our history are not decades in our past; they're happening right now, today, in our lifetimes.”

-Michelle Obama

Congratulations to the Junior National Championship participants!

Six teams represented Saskatchewan at this National Event. Our Junior National team coach, Leora Diakuw, established a discord chat so our students could communicate, problem solve, debrief, and socialize.

Junior Teams

  • Dishita E. & Rafay A. (Walter Murray)
  • Fatima E. & Ali E. (Regina Huda School)
  • Lucas Tarry & Sahasro B. (Dr. John G. Egnatoff)
  • Isabelle M. & Mahrukh H. (Caswell)
  • Ayesha A. & Bilal A. (Sylvia Fedoruk)
  • Samuel W. & Lucas L. (Greystone)

Our junior delegation did very well this year. 6/12 students made the top 50 speakers, and 3/6 teams were in the top 25 teams. Most teams were on 3 wins!

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Junior Motions:

  • TH as Canada would substantially increase its military and civilian presence in the arctic (Prepared)
  • THW grant parents/legal guardians a vote for each of their children/wards under the age of 18
  • THBT government funding for the arts should only be given to minority artists
  • TH as Canada, would implement a system of journalism licenses
  • THW require approval from legally binding local referenda for all major land development decisions that use any amount of government funding (e.g. stadiums, airport extensions, railways, subways, etc)
  • THBT the state should determine the wages to be paid (in both public and private sectors) for jobs deemed of moral value or societal importance (e.g. doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, etc)
  • THW prohibit challenge trials
  • TH as the person who finds the document would make it universally available

Congratulations to the Senior National Championship participants!

Six teams represented Saskatchewan at the National Championship. Our Senior National team coach, Kim Greenman, helped prepare the students for this highly competitive event!

Senior Teams

  • Carrick P. & Victor W. (Walter Murray)
  • Nathan G. & Mueez R. (Walter Murray)
  • Josh S. & Jasnoor G. (Luther HS)
  • Dawson P. & Aditya K. (Bedford Rd. Collegiate)
  • Rohan N. & Will. S. (Centennial)
  • Jasmine W. & William L. (Luther HS)
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Senior Motions:

  • This House supports a guaranteed national income. (Prepared motion)
  • THBT the police should not routinely carry lethal weapons
  • An alien ship makes contact with the government. They have lost their way and need help to make contact with their home planet. Motion: TH as the government would refuse and destroy the ship.
  • As the CEO of Twitter this house would cancel Donald Trump‘s account .
  • THW make development aid conditional on recipient states with high population growth rates adopting a one-child policy.

Good luck to all those competing in the virtual Vancouver Worlds School Debating Championship in July! We are so happy West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver is able to host this great national debate opportunity online!

SEDA is looking to increase our culture of volunteerism and help our members gain experience in leadership. If you are a student who will be in grade 9 to 12 this fall, or a university student, and are looking for more ways to get involved with SEDA, volunteer with us this summer! Our workshop instructors are looking for assistants to help them run virtual workshops. Click on the image above to sign up!

We will keep you updated on national events and summer programming at the SEDA Website and through our Social Media.

As we celebrate our 45th Anniversary, we invite you to join our ‘Words Are Powerful’ Campaign and donate to support SEDA and its work with Saskatchewan's young people. Your donation will enable us to expand our programs and keep them affordable and accessible.


Thank You

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