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April 29, 2016

Cedar Creek Elementary School

Cedar Creek Elementary is one of 35 elementary schools in the Olathe Public Schools in Olathe, Kansas. We are a Community building Character and academic Excellence . . . We are CCE!

It's the "Principal" of the Thing

Information about the upcoming bond election will be provided during the next several weeks. Please watch this publication or CityWatch for this information.

Bond 2016 Projects Design to Help District Handle Growth

The Olathe Public Schools has grown in enrollment every year since it was unified in 1965 and that growth is expected to continue. With nearly 30,000 students, the Olathe Public Schools is the largest district in the Kansas City metropolitan area and is the second largest district in the state of Kansas.

District staff regularly monitor enrollment, looking for trends and large areas of growth. One area that staff have been watching closely is growth in the northwest portion of the district. Mission Trail Middle School currently has 800 students and is expected to grow by nearly 300 more students in the next five years and continue to grow in a building that is already near capacity. Within the next 10 years, Mission Trail is expected to increase to nearly 1,400 students. Prairie Trail Middle School has about 850 students and will grow by approximately 130 in the next five years.

The proposed Bond 2016 projects include the land and construction of an additional middle school and money to renovate Millcreek Learning Center to accommodate growth at the Prairie Learning Center.

For more information about Bond 2016, visit

Nurses' Notes

Allergy season is upon us! This is the time with all the budding trees, flowers and grasses sprouting that allergies are at their worst. If your child suffers from allergies or if you notice allergy symptoms try some of the following tips:

  • Keep windows closed in the home and car during this season.
  • Have them take daily baths at bedtime.
  • Limit outdoor activities when pollen counts are highest (early morning for springtime tree pollens, noon for fall ragweed).
  • Over-the-counter medication may help mild symptoms, but consider seeing your doctor if symptoms persist.

This advice comes from the Health News from Children's Mercy Hospital. If your child has allergy symptoms at school I am unable to treat them without a doctor's order and the medicine.

We are seeing the flu, strep, and stomach flu going around. Keep your children at home if they have an elevated temperature with cold symptoms, drainage, or coughing; or a temperature of 100 degrees or higher. Any child with vomiting or diarrhea should not be sent to school. Fever and symptoms must be resolved 24 hours before returning to school.

Notes from the Music Room

Talent Show Entry forms are due by Tuesday, May 3rd.

Grade level talent shows are Tuesday, May 10th at the times listed below:

  • 8:30 4th Grade Show
  • 9:30 KM and KK Show
  • 10:30 3rd Grade Show
  • 11:30 5th Grade Show
  • 1:00 1st Grade Show
  • 2:00 KR, KS and KT Show
  • 2:30 2nd Grade Show

The All School Talent Show is Tuesday, May 17th. A schedule of events for this day will be emailed to all parents by Saturday, May 14th.

Library News

May the Fourth dress-up day is Wednesday (May 4th). In celebration of Children's Book Week, we are exploring the fantasy and science fiction genres in the library. All students and staff are encouraged to dress in Star Wars costumes and t-shirts on May 4th. Please leave the light sabers and other weapons at home!

Please return all books and magazines to the library by 3:30 p.m. on Friday, May 6.

Summer reading recommendations and public library reading incentive information will be sent home in backpacks Friday, May 13. Let’s keep reading all summer long!

Congrats to our amazing 4th and 5th grade Battle of the Books participants and coaches! Next year’s list of books will be sent home in May with all current 3rd and 4th graders. Summer is the perfect time to start reading for this exciting program!

5th Gr Harvesters Drive - April 29th-May 5th

Shorts & Shades Day - Friday, May 6th

Grade Level Talent Shows - Wednesday, May 10th

Please refrain from using cell phones while driving through the drop off line and pick up line. Increased traffic flow in combination with bus arrival increases the chances for cars to need to stop in unexpected locations. We also have increased foot traffic around on sidewalks along the drive so heightened awareness of pedestrians is very important for the safety of everyone.

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