ZOO SNOOZIN' - November 22

Overnight at Toledo Zoo

You can’t spell SNOOZE without the ZOO!

Community Christian Church's "King & 'Tweens" (our 3d-5th Grade kids+ a few specially invited 2nd Graders) are going to get to take a peak at the wild side of God's creation plus share adventures with animals, educators, animal keepers, parents and friends at the Toledo Zoo! Snoozers are immersed in the Zoo at night - and have the treat of seeing what the zoo is like after dark!

Those going on the Zoo Snoozin' will get:
  • To see the zoo during the "Lights Before Christmas" lights display (a FIRST for the Zoo Snoozin' program!)
  • Meet touchable animals up close and personal
  • Learn about how animals are taken care of at the Zoo
  • Participate in fun games and activities
  • Make enrichment for some of our Zoo residents
  • “Hit the straw” in a special sleeping space
  • Have a pizza snack on Friday night and a continental breakfast on Saturday

The snooze lasts from 6:30 pm on Friday until 10 am on Saturday, but the fun doesn’t end then! We get to stay and visit on Saturday for a while longer. (Saturday's admission to the Zoo is included in the program fee).

The cost per kid or adult will be $50. (That includes transportation, Snoozin' admission, late pizza snack & continental breakfast). Participants need to bring a "brown bag dinner & drink" for the trip to Toledo on Friday (pizza snack at 8 p.m.). We will be having lunch at a local church in Toledo on Saturday.

Mrs. Porter (our Director of Faith Development) lived across the street from the Toledo Zoo when she was a little girl and grew up in Toledo, so she will be our Toledo Tour Guide!

Zoo Snoozin'

Friday, Nov. 22nd 2013 at 4pm to Saturday, Nov. 23rd 2013 at 5pm

210 N Main St

North Canton, OH

We will be leaving CCC at 4 p.m. sharp! We need to be at the Toledo Zoo by 6:30 p.m. - and it's approximately a 2.5 hour drive (with a bathroom stop). We realize this may be a little pressing with children's school schedules and parent's work schedules. This is SUCH a great educational opportunity, so we're hoping that if a schedule (school/work) needs to be tweaked so that a child/parent can attend - that can happen.

Overnight Itinerary

  • Arrival & introduction (6:30 p.m.)
  • Meet a zookeeper(s) and complete a fun activity with them
  • Pizza snack (8 p.m.)
  • Take a night hike and see another side of the zoo
  • Live animal demonstration
  • Fun activities until...
  • Bed down (11:30 p.m.)


  • Wake up with the animals (7 a.m.)
  • Continental breakfast (8 a.m.)
  • Meet more animals and enjoy fun activities and zoo touring until the program ends at 10 a.m.
  • Come back into the zoo after the Snooze concludes and enjoy free admission for staying the whole night!

What to Bring:*

- Medical and release forms for each child

- Release form for each adult

- Sleeping gear - ex. toothpaste, comb, etc.

- Weather appropriate clothing - snow or rain or shine!

- Closed toed walking shoes (or boots)

- Outerwear

- Sleepwear

What NOT to Bring:

- Flashlights

- Electronic toys, MP3 players, etc.

- Food or drink (unless required for medical reasons)

Remember, you will have to carry whatever you bring!

ADULTS ONLY* (Optional)


Wagon - to transport luggage

Zoo rules will be sent to all who are registered.