The Desert

The Desert threats

The Desert animals can ruin the planrts that live in the desert. And if the temprture gets to high, fires can form and get bigger and it can destroy the desert.

Dangerous Animals that live in the Desert

The sidewinder snake is very dangerous it lives in the deserts of mexico to california. It bites it pray and wait for the venom to get thru the whole body, then it swallows the whole animal.

The Sahara Desert

What should I wear to hike in the Desert?

What do I need to bring to hike in the Desert. During the spring through November the daytime temperatures are generally very comfortable and a pair of shorts and a T-shirt are all that's needed. The mornings and early evenings can be chilly, so a sweatshirt is nice to have. Even a warm hat during March thru November. Pants are fine as long as they do not bother your movement. In the winter daytime temperatures are usually perfect for hiking in certin places. Loose pants and a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt are preferred. During the wintertime,in the moring its near freezing temperatures, so a jacket, hat and gloves are needed till the sun warms us up.