Second Grade

See what our Second Grade Team is up to!

Math Workshop

This unit we are flexing between all our second grade teachers! If your student is talking about having a "new math teacher", that's why! We are focussing on addition and subtraction strategies using a number line! We are working on double digit, triple digit, and word problems using this specific strategy.
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Language and Reading Workshop

Our essential questions for this unit is "Why do we need different types of relationships?"

Throughout our readings, we focus on characters and the relationships they build throughout the story. Students make connections to events that happen because of main and supporting characters. We also work to make personal connections to relationships in our stories and our own lives. While reading at home, make sure to ask your second grader all about the relationships they see in their stories and how they change throughout the book!

Writing Workshop

In Writer's Workshop, we are all about opinions! We break down the components of an opinion piece into the following:

1. Audience

2. Opinion Statement

3. Three Reasons Why

4. Supporting Evidence

5. Transition Words

6. Conclusions

Feel free to discuss with your second grader things they feel strongly about. Right now, we have pre-made prompts to get them started. As we become more confident in how to write opinion pieces, they can come up with their own topics. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

Home Expectations (reminder)

1. Study spelling words: Your child should spend a few minutes studying his/her weekly spelling words each night. This can be done however you would like. Every Monday your child takes a new picture of his/her new weekly words. These are uploaded to their Google Classroom.

2. Reading: Your child's goal is to read 15 minutes per night. Starting next week your child will be bringing home a monthly calendar to keep track of days he/she reaches this goal. Logs will be turned in at the end of each month. This is a requirement for all students, however, this also counts towards the "Book It" program so your child will also receive a coupon for a free personal pan pizza if they reach their monthly goal!

3. Dreambox: Your child should be doing a total of 60 minutes of Dreambox at home per week. This could be broken down into smaller sessions. (Example: four 15 minute sessions, two 30 minute session, etc.) Lessons typically take anywhere from 5-15 minutes each. On the backside of your reading log you will find a spot to track Dreambox use each week.

Thank you for your support from home!

Thank you for all of your support!