Introducing .......

in{script}ions by Origami Owl

Introducing ~ in{script}ions by Origami Owl

Introducing Inscriptions by Origami Owl. Starting Feb 17th, you will now have the amazing ability to tell your story in your own words - to write your scripts - by customizing select pieces of Origami Owl jewelry. You can keep his initials close to your heart, bring a childhood nickname back to life, honor a beloved pet or mark the day that changed your life.

Now is the time to grab this opportunity. Join me in setting the trends and leading the pack in this customizable space. It is life changing!


Reserve your Jewelry Bar, Online Jewelry Bar or Take Out Party {Book Party} with me today, to be one of the first to get their hands on this AMAZING collection!

In{script}ions. Origami Owl's newest collection.

Create your own story. With your own words. On your very own Locket. Or Plate.

The new In{script}ions Collection is an extension of our unique style of telling a story with jewelry and gives you the ability to add even deeper meaning to your stories.

Our large Living Locket bases and our medium & large Plates, can be custom-inscribed with countless combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. Whether it's remembering a specific date, capturing a special moment or honoring a loved one, you can create a piece that is truly one of a kind.

Sometimes the only way to grasp the authenticity or essence of a memory, event or person is through a specific and personal expression. The new In{script}ions Collection allows for that expression and creates a lasting memory with Origami Owl jewelry.

You can create your custom piece on our large Living Locket Base or on our medium & large Plates.

Our large Living Locket Bases are available in :
- Silver
- Gold
- Rose Gold
- Black

*Your message will be inscribed on the back of the Living Locket Base and will appear in silver.
*Your message on our large Living Locket Bases will be inscribed with the block font only and you can have up to 25 characters on one line.
*To complete your look - don't forget your Living Locket Face!

Our medium and large Plates are available in :
German silver or brass

*You can create your message in either the Block font style or in the Monogram Script font style on our Plates.
*Your In{script}ions on the plates will appear with a blackened effect on all of our plate finishes.

Not sure what to say on your Locket or Plate with our In{script}ions Collection ?
Here are some ideas !

- Dates
- Initials, Names & Terms of Endearment
- Family & Friends
- Holidays & Traditions
- Occupations, Professions & Hobbies
- Sports & Activities
- Quotes & Phrases

It's your story, your script - anything goes!!

(At this time we cannot accept any trademarked name or tag line as part of an In{script}ions order. You can still express your story by using general terms and complete your story with charms!)

Our newest In{script}ions Collection will be available February 17th !!