Organ Cloning for Transplants

Julia Raiola

What is Organ Cloning

Organ cloning is when someone extracts the persons DNA that is receiving the transplant organ. With that DNA, they will insert it into an enucleated egg. After that, the egg begins to divide and

How is it Being Used Currently

Organ cloning is being used currently for patients in need of an organ transplant. Instead of waiting for someone to donate an organ for them, they clone one instead.

What is the benefit of this type of genetic engineering?

The benefit of this type of engineering is that it is easier to get the organ instead of waiting on the transplant line and having the chance of your body not accepting the organ. If you clone an organ for yourself, your body will not reject it.

is there a disadvantage, if so what is is? Are there any risks?

One big disadvantage is that some cells can mutate and cause tumors in patients. This is a major disadvantage because tumors are very dangerous and can cause death. Another disadvantage is that the procedure is very expensive because the eggs that are used cost a lot.

How does it affect organisms physically?

It affects organisms physically because recieving a cloned organ can save their life . This procedure is done on humans especially.

What is the economic affect?

The economic affect is that more people will probably use this technique instead of waiting for a transplant from another person. This is because it is quicker to clone the organ instead.

How will this affect the environment?

This will affect the environment because there will be more people. This is because many people die waiting for a transplant but now they do not have to wait.

How does it affect the world in a social aspect?

It will affect the world in a social aspect because there will most likely be more people so overpopulation will occur. This will only happen if the organ cloning outcome rates become higher and have better outcomes.

How will it affect our future?

Organ cloning will affect our future because it will change medicine. We will get so much better in medicine and finding many cures that this technique can help find.
Obtaining human embryonic stem cells thru' therapeutic cloning [video infographic]