Mrs. Noe's News

Sept. 7, 2014

What's Going On?

I just want to keep you updated on our Extraordinary Citizenship program. I have entered our class into the Class Dojo website so you can sign up to receive updates daily or weekly, or you can just wait until the Citizenship card comes home each Friday. You can find the link below and your "invitation" with your code will come home on Monday. If you're child does not have marks above the line, this is not cause for concern. It means that their week was perfectly fine, and that nothing "extraordinary" happened. Always let me know if you have questions.

Friday Folders

Friday Folders will come home each week, but there may not be any papers from our classroom in it. Why not? Well, because our district is going "paperless". The students still have a great need for notebooks in the classroom, especially since they cannot take their iPads home, but they will not be asked to do worksheets very often. If they do work on a copied sheet, it is used and referred to in class for several days.

We use our digital resources!