5 Themes of Austin

By Max Robion


Austin is very geographically special in that it is flat and also hilly. It maintains with water from the Colorado river, and it is growing in population

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Austin is located right in the center of Texas with a very special geographical setup. It is located at the coordinates 30.2500 N and 97,7500. This supports location because it gives Austins location

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The area of Austin has the Colorado river which runs right through it which brings lots of swimmers to the area. The area of Austin is filled with lots of different cultures and a lot of hipsters. Many different kinds of foods and clothing and stores cover Austin. Also Austin is the live music capital of the world with many different band playing in different place. This supports place because it gives Austin place in culture.

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Austin is very special in its land regions because it is hilly as well as flat. In some parts the area might be flat and some hilly. Again the Colorado river runs right through Austin . Austins climate is hot for almost the entire year except for 4-5 months in the winter/fall. There is alot of different languages and ethnicitys and the population of Austin is currently 1.8 million people. This supports region because it shows Austins regional attributes and specifics

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Every single day over 158 people are moving to Austin, thats over 56,00 people are year and which will definetley increase. Austin has a remarkably large amount of deer as well as a large amount of hunting animals. Many people in Austin fish and hunt competively or just for fun. This supports movement because it shows the population of people and animals in Austin

Human Intercation

Many people take advantage of Austins geographical placement. Again, fishing and hunting as well as swimming in the colorado river. We've altered Austins area with the city as well as homes built. Lake Travis, which is man made, is very popular for boating and many people live on the lake. So far all of our modifications have been positive in my opinion. This supports Human interaction because it shows how Humans have changed Austin.

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