WWI Alliances

Nicole and Cade

The Triple Entente

Britain, France, and Russia were allied by the treaty of London. They were known as the Triple Entente and were the main members. Soon after Japan joined with Italy following nine months later.
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The Central Powers

Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Germany were the main members of the Central Powers. Italy was a member for a short time until they switched sides and joined the TripleEntente. They were joined later the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria who were hoping to regain land.
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Neutral Countries

.There were some countries that didn't offer any aid and remained completely neutral. The neutral europian countries were Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Swisterland. Some non-europian neutral countries were Argentina, Chile, and Venzuela.
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When were the alliences formed?

France and Britain allied in 1904 and the Triple Entente was fully formed in 1907 after the Anglo-Russian Convention. Germany and Austria-Hungary were allied at the beginning of the war. Later the Ottoman Empire joined and completed the Central Powers in 1914.
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Causes of WW1 - Alliances