The Southwest


Land forms and waterways

The Carlsbad cavern is the biggest underground cavern, in New Mexico. The Grand Canyon is 300 miles long and 18 miles wide. It was formed by the Colorado river. It borders the Gulf of Mexico. The Colorado river is one of the countries longest river. It is 1,450 miles. The states are Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Nevada, the capital Nevada is Carson city, the capital of Texas is Austin, the capital of Arizona is Phoenix, the capital of New Mexico is Santa Fe, the capital of Oklahoma is Oklahoma city. The Ogallala Aquifer holds 174,000 square miles of water, and it is one of the largest Aquifer in the world.


The Southwest is the sunniest and the driest region. The winter in Phoenix is in the mid 60's and the summer is hot and dry. Las Vegas has less than an inch of rain for every month of the year. There are less than 10 inches of precipitation in the summer. There is so little rain that a lot of the Southwest region is desert. The Southwest has seasons and it's is called ARID meaning very dry with high temperature. Oklahoma and Texas are part of tornado alley and they are more active in the spring.


The king Ranch is 825,000 miles long. Arizona produces blue corn. The Washita county is Oklahoma biggest well, the Washita county is 6 times deeper than the Grand Cayon. The King Ranch is a Ranch.

Historical Sites and Landmarks

The Alamo held 200 men fighting of more than 1,000 men, the battle went on for 13 days, a famous man in the battle was David Crockett. The Alamo is Texas. You can go tubing down the Colorado river. Hoover Dam is a big dam made by many men risking there lives to build Hoover Dam.

Natural Resources and Products

Oil, gold, wood and silver. All of the southwest has gold and silver and oil. The first oil gusher was in North America it sprayed nearly 100,000 barrels of oil. A special kind of field in the Southwest is the oil field. They use oil for cars and they use wood for houses and remember that wood is not in all places of the Southwest. The Southwest sell lots of red hot chili pepper and blue corn to other regions in the United States.

Amazing Facts

The largest cacti is 4 stories high. There are lots of fossils in the southwest. New Mexico has less water than any other state.
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If i were to move to the Southwest...

I would throw all my snow clothes away and buy more summer clothes.