November 1st, 2022

"Where it's always a good day to be a Bison!"

A Note from Ms. marlatt

We appreciate your patience as we tried to figure out how to get everyone checked in during our Halloween parties. We tried to encourage everyone to pre check. Some did, but many did not. This caused our Raptor ID Check Machine to work overtime and stop. I will be in touch with our district this week and figure out the best way to ensure safety during parties. Once we have a better process, I will communicate.

I also want to thank everyone who participated in our Fall Parent Survey. I have shared the survey below. The responses were positive. We had 51.55% participate. 96.73% gave us a 3 or 4 rating (4 being excellent). I invite any of you who would like to chat or work on making our school a better place for all to call or stop by the office any time!

Second Grade is the lucky grade level who gets free lunch! They turned more surveys than any other grade level.

Below is our Bison Strong Teamwork Parade. We have celebrated the kids at school. Make sure to celebrate your student at home as well! I also added our weekly video. This one is our Halloween edition! Lots of fun...! :-)

As we start the month of November, we are grateful for you and your support. Thank you for supporting us and our mission and values at Second Creek. We are grateful for the partnership with have with you.

Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Ana Marlatt


Bison S T R O N G Teamwork Parade 22-23
This Week at Second Creek

Your Vote Counts 2022! Less Than One Week Left to Turn In Your Ballot!

Greetings (Insert Your School Name Here) Families!

To those who completed their ballots and mailed or dropped them at a 24-Hour Drop Box Location, thank you for actively participating in this year’s election!

For those that have not yet completed and returned your ballot, we are writing again to encourage you to vote in this fall’s mid-term election! Ballots are due November 8th!

You can find the 24-Hour Drop Box location nearest to you at this link - or put your ballot in the mail if you complete it by October 31st.

Adams County Elections recommends that if you have yet to complete and mail or drop off your ballot with just a week to go until election day that you drop it at a 24-Hour Drop Box Location to make sure the ballot is received in time.

To track your ballot once it is submitted, visit

27J Schools has a mill levy override question (5B) on the ballot. We encourage you to read your ballot, do your research on the issues and candidates, and vote!

As you know, 27J Schools had a bond and a mill levy override question on the ballot last November. The bond was successful. The mill levy override was not.

Of the 75,213 registered voters in 27J Schools boundaries, only 26,242 or 34.89% voted in last November’s election. See the election summary here.

“Democracy is not a spectator sport.”

Marian Wright Edelman

Your Vote Counts!

Daylight Savings ends this Sunday!

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Music Performances coming up!

3rd Grade Parents: Our amazing 3rd graders will be performing "Crazy Christmas" on Thursday, December 15th at 2:30 and 6:00 p.m. in the Second Creek gym.

What to wear? Students can wear red and/or green to show their holiday spirit, or they can choose to dress like an elf or a reindeer, (please no jingles on the clothing though, it's too loud!).

Attendance: There are vocal solos, speaking parts and kind of a lot going on in this show and every student is important! If you know ahead of time that your child won't be able to attend either the afternoon or evening performance, please let me know. It's hard to make adjustments at the last minute as adults, imagine what it's like for 3rd graders who have to line up differently, stand next to someone else, or be asked to speak or sing a new part right before the show starts.

The 3rd graders have been working hard on our songs and are excited to perform for you...see you in December!


Our Second Creek Choir will perform Thursday, December 22nd at 2:30 and 6:30 p.m. in the gym. The afternoon performance is for students only. Parents, join us at 6:30pm!

What to wear? Red, green, or any color that represents the holiday season. It can be fancy or not, whatever’s comfortable. Please, no jingle bells on hats or clothing though…too noisy!

Please email or call if you have a question or concern.

Ms. McCown


Thanksgiving Dinner - 11/17/22

Due to the impact of Covid, we have been unable to offer our traditional Thanksgiving dinner in the lunchroom since 2020. We are happy to open our doors again and invite parents who want to join us on November 17th to come and enjoy our lunchroom's Thanksgiving dinner. Here is the information:

Lunch Start Times per Grade Level:

1st Grade - 10:50am

Kindergarten - 11:15am

2nd Grade - 11:45am

3rd Grade - 12:05pm

4th Grade - 12:15pm

5th Grade - 12:45pm

If you are going to the lunchroom only, you do not have to check in at the office.

Cost: $5 per adult.

We recommend you prepay by adding funds to your child's account!

Picture Retakes

Not happy with your child's current picture? Missed Picture Day?

Retakes are happening on November 17th. Please call our office if you need more information on Picture Retakes.


We continue to ask that all families make their best effort to have kids to school on time, and every day. One thing we noticed is that many families take their students out early on Friday. It might not feel like much, but the times your student is missing the learning adds up. I left the chart below here one more time so you can see the affects of missing minutes every week... over the long haul of your child's educational journey. We are a 4-day school week, and every minute matter!
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Important Dates - all in one place!

11/15 and 11/17 - Hearing and Vision Screening

11/16 - Thanksgiving Lunch in the lunchroom

11/17 - Picture Retakes

11/19 - 11/28 - Thanksgiving Break

Traffic Reminders

If you are a returning family to Second Creek, you know our parking lot is small and needs special care during morning drop off and afternoon pick up. Thank you for contributing to the overall safety of our staff and students!

If you are a new family to Second Creek, please read the information below carefully. Staff (and sometimes Commerce City police) are out during morning drop off and afternoon dismissal to make sure everyone is safe.

Parents, it is very important that we do not park on the bus lane before or after school. Blocking the bus causes delays that go beyond our school.

Here are a few reminders about our drop off and pick up procedures. You know that Commerce City police pops in once in a while and issue tickets to vehicles that are not following our safety rules... so please make sure you are doing what you can do keep our students and staff safe!

  • No parked cars in the "no parking zone" - which is by the sidewalk from the beginning of the parking lot all the way to the front doors. This is a fire lane and also a bus lane. There is NO PARKING anytime. Only drop off or pick up. We have noticed many cars parked waiting for the school to open in the morning, blocking the bus and causing lines of cars that go all the way outside the parking lot. Please drop off your student and go - no parking.
  • Same rules apply for pick up after school.
  • Students can be dropped off at 7:30am for breakfast eaters and 7:35am for non breakfast eaters. We do not have supervision for students who are dropped off before these times.
  • Students must be picked up at 3:30pm every day. We do not have staff to supervise students after school.
  • Let us know if you need information about our before and after-school program.
  • Please only use the handicap parking if you have a handicap license.
  • The Staff of the Month parking is for staff only at all times.

We appreciate your cooperation!

A shout out to our sponsors!

The following businesses continue to sponsor Second Creek in wonderful and amazing ways!

The Landing Place Church


The Landin Place Church has donated brand new playground equipment to our student. They have donated our blue safety vests that staff wears. They gave also donated goodies and burritos to feed all of our staff.

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Eng Orthodontics

Eng Orthodontics

Eng has donated our communication folders.

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Coldstone Creamery in Brighton

Coldstone has donated ice cream certificates. They have also made a huge donation towards a future community event coming up second semester.
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5280 Realty

5280 has donated towards t-shirts for our staff, and recently, they have also made a huge donation towards a future community event coming up second semester.

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